Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Debating social conservatism over the weekend
Sarah Palin invited to Rolling Thunder or not?

Phone calls honoring those who gave all
Show No. 096-2011

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening without backing music • Email debate over the weekend: Social issues and conservatism • GOProud is not conservative • Homosexual activists brought their sex lives into the public forum for discussion • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on GOD • Memorial Day violence • Water park in Tennessee • Reading: Herb Sosa's open letter about Urban Weekend in Miami Beach • Audio: Drive by shooting and police respond fire in Miami • Flash mob gang bangers riot in Boston • Last month, Twitter messages organize gang fight in Venice, CA • Audio: News report on Miami shootings over Memorial Day • Breaking down ABC's This Week roundtable discussion: Sarah Palin and the GOP field for 2012 • Why have Palin and her husband bought a house in Arizona? • Sarah Palin: political genius • On Rick Perry entering the race •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Continuing ABC roundtable on conservative hopefuls in 2012 • Donna Brazile: Racist black liberal (what a surprise) • George Will, Donna Brazile and Ed Gelespie on the NY-26 race: It's not about Medicare • Democrats have nothing to offer the American people • Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder: Less than stellar organizing: Is this how they'd run a presidential campaign? • Audio: MSNBC interviews Thunder spokesman Ted Shpak • Rolling Thunder claims that a retired board member invited Sarah Palin and then didn't tell anyone • Audio: KFI's Capt. Dale Dye takes calls honoring those who gave all on Memorial Day

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Tennessean: Unruly crowds shut down Wave Country
The Sun News: Myrtle Beach police inundated with crime during 8 hour window
Miami Herald: Herb Sosa's open letter about Urban Weekend in Miami
YouTube: Caught on tape: Miami Beach shooting, Memorial Day Weekend 2011
Boston Globe: Fights break out at Carson Beach
Daily Mail UK: Man shot in the head after 'gang inspired' flash mob in Venice, CA
WSVN: Shootings in Miami Beach
ABC News: Roundtable: GOP field takes shape
YouTube: Donna Brazile on 'the majority of white people'
Right Wing News: Left wing racist quotes
MSNBC: Thunder spokesman: Palin a distraction
MSNBC: Rolling Thunder: Sarah Palin not invited
KFI AM 640: Capt. Dale Dye taking Memorial Day calls, 4pm hour
KFI AM 640: Capt. Dale Dye taking Memorial Day calls, 6pm hour


AJ4QM said...

Great show! Hope you had a great weekend! Your segment about the nonsense over the weekend in myrtle beach was tied to what some call "black bike week" or "atlantic beach bike fest" which is the week immediately following Bike Week (Harley Week) It has been a logistical nightmare for a long time in the city but thats the price we pay for being a tourist destination. Sounds like similar events and the resulting shenanigans are not unique to our city and I think this deplorable behavior is a shame and reflects poorly on the event organizers and those who engage in such behavior. God Bless you and your listeners JZ keep up the great work!

John said...

Not sure how to put this... Thought about it for a while.
I pretty much stand with you on the gay issue. But I feel it is not a political one but more of a moral religious one.
It is only political when laws are involved. (adult/minor involvement)
I believe Marriage is a religious concern. The Govt should have no part in it. If a same sex couple wants to get married, let em find a Pastor, priest or what ever you may want to call them to perform the act. This view comes from a belief that they just want to corrupt the natural order of marriage.
This so called Gay Christian is only fooling herself. The Bible is more than clear on the issue. It's an abomination. You can rationalize anything if you want to...
But in the end, we are told to 'hate the sin and love the sinner'...

Jz said...

Fairly stated - remember what I've said, that the whole reason this is a public policy issue at all is because militant homosexuals have insisted on it.