Thursday, May 3, 2007


The media can't get enough of McGreevey

The former governor sucks - literally and figuratively - but the leftwingers celebrate his sins.

Jim McGreevey left office in shame. Yes, shame. He left his daughter and his wife, choosing instead to have sex with men. At the very least, a moral man would have abstained from sex and stayed to keep his family intact. But not slimey McGreevey.

Now, he will become an Episcopal priest. This is disgusting in a number of ways. First, it shows us yet again that the Episcopal church has nothing whatsoever to do with God's Word, the Bible. The Bible clearly and without hesitation calls homosexuality sin. As Bill Keller of likes to say, you choose when to pull your pants down and who to have sex with. Sex is a choice.

Second, it shows us that McGreevey is running from Catholicism because he just didn't like what the Bible teaches. The Catholic Church does not embrace homosexuality. Instead, it welcomes all sinners but holds true to Biblical teaching. McGreevey wanted no part of that.

McGreevey's wife has written a book, and in it she slams him bigtime. I'm glad she did. She was pretty civil about it, considering how selfish he's been. His life is all about having sex with men now, you see, and that kind of sexual-centered lifestyle is nothing but selfishness.

Imagine if, instead of going to a non-bible based church like the Episcopal church who EMBRACE SIN, he had said “I renounce the sin of homosexuality, and I am going to be working with a Christian based ministry that helps homosexuals out of their sinful lifestyle, and I will be trying to get my marriage back together for the sake of our children.” Can you imagine what the sin-celebrating leftwing media would have done to him?

We recorded a song parody not too long ago, called "Bats of the Moon," based on "Cats in the Cradle." The first verse has to do with McGreevey. Click HERE to listen.

"They made him a hero, they shouted hooray; had a wife but he threw her away."

Here are some bits from other sources - the links are there for the full articles if you wish to read more.

Ex-New Jersey governor's wife spills beans on marriage
Mercury News wire services

The wife of former Gov. James E. McGreevey describes him in her upcoming memoir as self-absorbed and controlling and says that, among other demands, he insisted she move out of the governor's mansion before his official resignation. The descriptions appear in Dina Matos McGreevey's book "Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage," scheduled to hit bookstores May 1. A copy of the book was obtained by the New York Daily News.

Matos McGreevey wrote that her husband offered only an indifferent apology days after he appeared on national television in August 2004 and announced he would resign, saying: "I am a gay American." Before that appearance, she wrote that McGreevey told her to compose herself, saying, "You have to be Jackie Kennedy today," and repeatedly told her what to say and how to act in the aftermath of his admission.

Matos McGreevey also said her husband told her if she stayed at the governor's mansion until the last minute it would make her "look like white trash."

More HERE.

McGreevey's Wife: 'It Can Happen to Anyone'

The Estranged Wife of the Former N.J. Governor Talks With Others About Gay Spouses
May 3, 2007 —

So many people think they should be able to see the signs. But in a marriage where one spouse is gay [CHOOSES TO BE GAY --JZ] and the other is straight, the latter is often the last to know. Dina Matos McGreevey realized that when her estranged husband, Jim McGreevey, the former governor of New Jersey, announced he was gay in 2004. On "Good Morning America," she sat down with women and men, including three from the Straight Spouses support group, to talk about whether someone can really know if their spouse is gay.

Though she heard rumors about her husband's homosexuality before he came out, Matos McGreevey never paid attention to them.

"When you're married to someone, whether it's a politician or someone in a powerful position, there's always innuendo, there's always rumors, and if you're going to chase after those rumors you're not going to do anything else," she said. "And if you're in a relationship, you trust that person, whether it's a marriage, or you're living with someone, otherwise why be in the relationship?"

Still, Elaine Bennett didn't understand how Matos McGreevey had failed to connect her husband's waning desire for her with his homosexuality. Matos McGreevey explained that she didn't think her husband was truly homosexual.

"I know that people have a difficult time accepting the fact that I didn't know. But I think a lot of that, for many people, is that they don't want to believe that it can happen to them," she said. "And it can happen to anyone."

More HERE.


A NEWT ONE said...

The Episcopal church is to Christianity what a dolphin is to skydiving.

Jimmy Z said...

Nice. We were wondering what might be the world's most amazing non sequitur - I think you pretty much nailed it.