Tuesday, July 21, 2009


BEST OF SHOW TODAY - JIMMY Z IS SICK (No, not in the head!)
Cap & Trade is beyond horrible, beyond unAmerican
Charles Stanley on conforming with the world

Show No. 132-2009.

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Opening • The biggest problem we face in this country • God & The God shaped hole inside • Charles Stanley: It's more and more unpopular to say the name of Jesus • Charles Stanley: Conforming with the world and compromising the truth • Rant: Accepting Michael Jackson in spite of pedophilia • 'Stand', Billy Ray Cyrus • Waking up those Americans who are sleeping • Wall Street Journal analysis of Cap and Trade and the Jimmy rant • The biggest tax in American history (original show date 27 June 2009)

The second hour of this program can be found HERE

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Wall Street Journal: The Cap and trade fiction

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