Thursday, January 31, 2013


Audio: Joyce Meyer on standing up against rebellion all around us
Dick Morris on the Boehner/GOP con game in Washington DC
Gov. Bobby Jindal tells Gen. Colon Bowell to be a Democrat
Show No. 018-2013


• Audio: Joyce Meyer on standing up against rebellion around us
• Audio: Bill Carroll reacts to illegal immigrant who demands help
• Audio: Dick Morris on the Boehner GOP con game in DC
• Audio: Bill O'Reilly takes General Colon Bowell apart issue by issue
• Audio: Gen. Colon Bowell accusing the GOP of being intolerant
• Audio: Gov. Bobby Jindal tells Gen. Colon Bowell to go Democrat

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Enjoying Everyday Life – Television Show | Joyce Meyer Ministries
Bill Carroll: Obama and immigration 12PM (1-29) - KFI AM 640
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The House GOP Con Game Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT! - YouTube
Bill O'Reilly VS Colin Powell On Racism Claims - YouTube
Colin Powell Accuses GOP Of Racism: They ‘Still Look Down On Minorities’ | Mediaite
U.S. Economy Contracts in Fourth Quarter -
RGA Chairman Bobby Jindal's speech at the 2013 RNC Winter Meeting - YouTube


Johnny Football said...

Man oh man, if as many democrats were being charged with election fraud all across the country as are several individual republicans, you'd be having a field day about that right now wouldn't you? I'm sure you would devote at least one episode of your show to it!

Jz said...

If I thought fraud was rampant, I would be covering it. But I have a lot of stories about democrats and liberals being prosecuted.

But the issue for America is voter ID, and you liberal nuts hate identification for a very specific reason. *L*

Johnny Football said...

These stories you push about people voting twice on the democrat side are all lies. You don't have ONE democrat being charged with such. The system that is in place now is sufficient for catching voter irregularities, as evidenced by all the republicans who didn't fall through the cracks when they tried to game the system this election season.

You are an ignorant and divisive/hate filled man to automatically insult your guest , calling me a "nut" simply because I'm pointing out the truth of this situation. You know NOTHING about my politics. I'm actually as much conservative as I am liberal in many areas.

No wonder the conservative cause is failing (which is VERY UNFORTUNATE because there are many values espoused by conservatives THAT NEED TO STICK AROUND!!!) ... The conspiracy nuts and hate rhetoric is driving a wedge and severely lowering the number of people potentially impacted by the good side of conservatism. People like you are driving people away just as much as the birthers, etc .

Johnny Football said...

Conservatism as it stands in America is DOOMED because of people like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and everyone in the base that doesn't take a stand to it and evolve.

Christianity has some amazing potential for good and has demonstrated this time and time again, especially in recent history --- For Good, sound, time honored Christian family values to once again rise up in America, we must REACH OUT to people instead of DEMONIZING and CASTING AWAY. Conversions do not happen your way. Political power will return in time if you just work to change the face of the RIGHT WING in America. The HATE EVERYONE approach is killing such a good thing. It's painful to watch how many people have taken on such terrible and hateful character traits by being obsessed with these hateful, divisive radio personalities. You're more reasonable than some but God help us. It's not going to work your way.

Jz said...

I don't push any such stories at all. Never talk about them on my show because the issue isn't all that important - but I do have a story here about THREE democrats who voted twice:

And don't forget the story of Wendy Rosen:

The system doesn't catch anything where no voter ID is required. There is no imposition. Only losers like you demand no ID be necessary so your fraud can be allowed.

The ignorance is on your side. The divisiveness is on your side as well. You have no truth. I know plenty about your politics.

Conservatism is fine. The socialist president will see to that.

Jz said...

Rush is conservative, Ann is not. Savage is no great asset to conservatism. Mark Levin is a valiant spokesperson and Beck is knothead libertarian.

The Right Win needs no changing. What must be changed are the socialist aggressors running DC. Christians don't hate anyone, I have no idea what the hell you're on about.

Johnny Football said...

", I have no idea what the hell you're on about."

That the right wing, including yourself, have turned into hateful, nasty people who rush to INSULT people and show your rear every opportunity. There is NOTHING inspiring about people like you or anyone on "your side"... The right wing needs inspirational, not divisive people.

Jz said...

This will be the end of your comments on this thread and on this topic. You always prattle on in the same way. And you always prove that you're the one harboring all this hate. You haven't really said anything here at all. Just the same old crappola.