Tuesday, May 28, 2013


NFL MVP Adrian Peterson says he does not favor homosexual marriage
Wall St Journal: Obama should have asterisk after 2012 re-election victory
Sens. Schumer and Franken urged the IRS to target the Tea Party in 2012
• Evidence: Obama knew the IRS was targeting conservative groups

Show No. 069-2013

• NFL MVP Adrian Peterson says he does not favor homosexual marriage
• Joe Scarborough and Piers Morgan awakened to possibility of tyranny
• Breaking down again Obama's dedication to being transparent
• Steven Miller's ridiculous testimony: Megyn Kelly & Jay Sekulow react
• Young woman on YouTube explains her changed view of gun control
• Michele Bachmann talks IRS • Joseph Farah refused to name book titles
• Wall Street Journal: Obama should have asterisk after his 2012 victory

• Memorial Day: Sacred Ground, re-recording of a song from 2007
• Evidence: Obama knew the IRS was targeting conservative groups
• Sens. Schumer and Franken urged the IRS to target the Tea Party in 2012
• CNN Poll: 84% of Americans believe the IRS scandal is of concern
• Candy Crowley and Megyn Kelly discuss the IRS scandal with guests
• Bob Schieffer: Welcome to Dumb And Dumber is Washington DC
• Axelrod: The government is so vast Obama can't know what's going on
• Judge Napolitano explains that the Justice Dept is intimidating sources

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• Side One
Adrian Peterson Says He’s ‘Not With’ Gay Marriage « CBS Minnesota
Joe Scarborough, Piers Morgan: Obama Scandals Prove Gun Advocates Aren't Crazy
Bob Woodward I Would Not Dismiss Benghazi - YouTube
Piers Morgan to Penn Jillette - Obama Admin 'Bordering On ... [5-20-2013] - YouTube
Barack Obama on Government Transparency - YouTube
Steven Miller Shrugs And Sighs Through IRS Scandal Hearing - YouTube
Megyn Kelly and Jay Sekulow rip Steven Miller and the IRS 5-17-2013 - YouTube
IRS Chief Admits Mistakes, Says Scrutiny Was Not Political - YouTube
NewsmaxTV: Gov. Rick Perry: Obama Retaliates Against Texas, Too
How My Point of View on Gun Control Changed While Traveling - YouTube
Bachmann Excoriates ‘Death-Like’ IRS With Eric Bolling, Warns Your ‘Life And Death’ May Be In Their Hands | Mediaite
World Net Daily: What IRS demanded from me - Joseph Farah
Best of the Web Today: President Asterisk - WSJ.com
• Side Two
Sacred Ground :: ©2013 Jimmy Z Music - YouTube
Mark Levin: Obama Scandals Are Examples of a Tyrannical Government - YouTube
Barack Obama: Criminal or Incompetent???? - YouTube
Evidence emerges that Obama administration official knew of IRS targeting during 2012 campaign - CBS News
Schumer, Franken urged IRS to target tea party in 2012 | The Daily Caller
IRS Deliberately Chose Not to Fess Up to Scandal Before Election - YouTube
IRS Gave OBAMA'S BROTHER Non-Profit Status.... - YouTube
Strassel: The IRS Scandal Started at the Top - WSJ.com
Obama Denies Role in Government : The New Yorker
Chaffetz: Benghazi cover-up ongoing - POLITICO.com
More Polling Shows Americans Care About Benghazi, IRS Scandals | The Weekly Standard
John Cusack: No Accountability for 'Virtual' President Obama, AG Holder
The American Spectator : Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun?
AmSpec Scoop: Obama 'Met With Anti-Tea Party IRS Union Chief the Day Before Agency Targeted Tea Party' | NewsBusters
Candy Crowley: Is it Possible This Isn't Political and IRS Didn't Intend to Harass the Tea Party? | NewsBusters
Exclusive: Woman Who Asked IRS's Lois Lerner Scandal-Breaking Question Details Plant - US News and World Report
Not just Rosen: A livid Megyn Kelly reports 2 reporters, 1 producer at Fox News targeted by DOJ - YouTube
Fox News Scandal “Goes Much Deeper,” White House Sitting On Something Top Aides “Terrified” About | Weasel Zippers
Justice Department tracked Fox News reporter’s e-mail, movements – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs
Schieffer: "Welcome to dumb and dumber" in Washington - CBS News Video
Axelrod: Government "So Vast," Obama Can't Know About Wrongdoing | RealClearPolitics
First Lady: ‘I Could Take Up A Whole Afternoon Talking About’ Obama’s Failures « CBS Charlotte
Judge Napolitano To Shep: Rosen Committed 'No Crime,' - YouTube
KHJ Boss Radio Concert Promos - YouTube

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