Saturday, June 22, 2013


Glenn Beck conspiracy theory about Supreme Court Justice John Roberts
Brian Suits: 'Peace talks' with the Taliban, Syria and women in special ops
The effect of the Conspiracy Theory mentality on conservatism
• The Michael Hastings car crash conspiracy theory

Show No. 081-2013

• The effect of the Conspiracy Theory mentality on conservatism
• The Michael Hastings car crash conspiracy theory
• Glenn Beck talking about Supreme Court Justice John Roberts
• Serena Williams: TMZ discussion and James David Manning
• Brian Suits on US talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan

• More from Brian Suits: Syria and women in military special forces
• Riff #84 in full - Brand new guitar riffing
• Glenn Beck and Chrislam: Walid and Theodore Shoebat radio interview

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• Side Two
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Glenn Beck Converts To Chrislam | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat
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Barb said...

Like many others, I have been an admirer of Walid Shoebat. Converting to Christianity from Islam, in such a public manner, is an incredibly brave undertaking. We all know the punishment that awaits those who commit apostasy in Islam.

Today, like many others, he feels very uncomfortable with someone of the Mormon Church providing the platform for a religious coalition. There are many from different faiths who want to band together in a peaceful civil rights manner, in order to save the USA and her Constitution.

Since there are so many Christians who consider Mormonism a cult, why don't they band together and provide a platform for this struggle? If Glenn Beck could do it, others could as well. There must be many folks willing to subscribe to a network - perhaps $10 month - in order to do the same sort of thing as Glenn Beck. It would have to be on the internet, as the business model on the broadcast networks is very vulnerable to ACORN and other community organizers. Sponsors become targets of boycotts and other intimidation shakedowns, as Glenn Beck discovered the hard way. Although he had terrific viewership, that business model failed. That is why he sells subscriptions. Slowly, The Blaze is being reintroduced to cable carriers, but it is slow and difficult.

My point is, if those who feel uncomfortable with Glenn Beck, because he is a Mormon and they fear him as some sort of Pied Piper (in a White Horse Prophecy - Constitution hanging by a thread type way), why not provide people with another network / coalition?

Walid Shoebat and others with the same concerns, should offer an alternative platform for preserving civil rights and peacefully saving the nation and her Constitution (as founded). The constant criticism of those who are actually trying to do the actual work, by banding together in a Black Robed Regiment - Pastor Hagee, Franklin Graham, David Barton, Rabbi Lapin, Pastor Ken Hutcherson, etc., looks mean spirited and almost petty. I say this as someone who respects Walid Shoebat and believes he is very sincere and knowledgeable. It is very late in the day. The entire globe seems to by cracking under the strain.

I wish I could explain things differently. Mr. Shoebat could pitch in instead of criticize the efforts of others. The others are not as vulnerable to The Church of LDS as he suspects. I know I'm not.

Debra J.M. Smith said...


If I fell down and Satan offered me a hand to help me up, I would not even think about lifting my hand to him.

And it is not about wanting an alternative to Satan. It is about recognizing that Satan is the great pretender, the liar, the one who seeks to imitate that which is good. And that which is good, is already.

That which is good is God. And God has been here all along.

Moses did not take too long to come down from the mountain. He came down when God was ready for him to come down. The people however, were impatient and lacked faith and built a false god, the golden calf.

Glenn Beck is a golden calf.


Debra J.M. Smith said...

Hi Jimmy!

Hey, great show!

Just one thing though. James D. Manning is a nut-case, a con-man. He comes with a false gospel that includes the teaching of purgatory. And he makes false claims that God talks to him (outside of the Word of God). He even goes as far as to implicate God in his speaking ill of the Jews and Blacks. I had an opportunity to ask Manning some questions a while back. The audio can be found here: