Monday, October 7, 2013


Full coverage and analysis of Obama terrorizing the American people
Harry Reid updates his 'child with cancer' comment; No apology
Park Ranger admits we were told to make it as difficult as we can
• Democrats have conditioned a debt ceiling increase 21 times

Show No. 123-2013

• Obama is at war with the American people over Obamacare
• Congressman tells Park Ranger she should be ashamed
• Joe Biden is proud of the park ranger but says nothing to veterans
• Normandy and other overseas memorials closed to tourists
• House Republicans show up and WWII memorial to help vets
• Obama's closings are more expensive than keeping sites open
• RNC offers to pay costs to keep the WWII memorial open
• Feds try to shut down privately held and operated Mt. Vernon
• Harry Reid updates his 'child with cancer' comment; No apology
• Audio Mayhem: Rep tells CNN anchor 'you're part of the problem'
• Obama says he has bent over backwards to work with Republicans
• Rep. Roskam: President Obama is going to end up negotiating
• Obama: Republicans are holding a gun to the head of Americans
• WashPo Op-ed: World War II memorial shouldn't be political prop
• Boehner gets angry with Democrats: This isn't some damn game
• Park Ranger admits we were told to make it as difficult as we can
• Obama Admin: We're winning and we don't care who is hurt
• Blue Ridge Hotel takes a stand and remains open - for a time

• Miley Cyrus scores big on NBC's SNL and Today after MTV smut
• Part two of the Blue Ridge Hotel saga: Defiant stand lasts 2 hours
• Priests face arrest if they minister to military during shutdown
• Camp David is open for Obozo but troops get no NFL or MLB games
• Hannity demands Democrat House member admit to 75% waiver
• Ted Cruz tries to fund veterans retirement; Democrat objects
• Democrats have conditioned debt ceiling increases 21 times
• Dick Morris: Obama says congress is trying to usurp his power
• Audio: Loopy Obama speaks against labor and working strikes
• Arizona offers to pay to keep Grand Canyon open; Obama rejected
• CBS interview: Rep. Pelosi pelted with questions from morning team
• Team Obama blocks off Mt. Rushmore viewing highway turnouts
• Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defies Obama & keeps parks open
• Sheila Jackson Lee blames gov't shutdown on nutty DC driver
• The best for last: Team Obama tries to close ocean off of Florida
• Audio: Obama says the Republicans got exactly what they wanted

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
• Side One
"Lord, Save us from the Madness" - Senate Chaplain Barry Black on the Government Shutdown - YouTube
GOP Congressman Tells Park Ranger She Should Be Ashamed Of Herself For Doing Her Job | RealClearPolitics
GOP Congressman Makes Park Ranger Apologize for Shutdown - Gawker
Biden Thanks NPS Worker for “Her Service” Blocking Vets from WW2 Memorial | FrontPage Magazine
Joe Biden backs park ranger who stopped vets at WWII memorial |
Gov’t shutdown spreads to beaches of Normandy | New York Post
World War II veterans visit their memorial: House members turn up for the photo op.
Obama's expensive, unprecedented monument and park closings | The Daily Caller
RNC offers to pay to keep WWII memorial open | The Daily Caller
RNC Offers To Fund The Monument THEY SHUT DOWN - YouTube
Feds try to shut down privately owned Mount Vernon - World Net Daily
Shutdown jeopardizes nutrition program for poor - News Local Massachusetts -
Update: Harry Reid Clarifies Wildly Insensitive Remark - Daniel Doherty
GOP Rep to CNN Anchor: You're Young and Beautiful But Not Honest - YouTube
Obama: "I Have Bent Over Backwards To Work With Republicans" | RealClearPolitics
GOP Rep. Roskam: "Obama Is Going To End Up Negotiating" | RealClearPolitics
Obama: Can't Do Negotiations With A "Gun Held To The Head Of American People" | RealClearPolitics
Carney vs. Henry On Obama Using Phrase "Putting A Gun To Someone's Head" | RealClearPolitics
The Insiders: The World War II Memorial is not a political prop
Boehner to Obama: 'This Isn't Some Damn Game'
Speaker Boehner: "This Isn't Some Damn Game" - YouTube
Angry Park Ranger Admits They Were Told To “Make Life As Difficult For People As We Can” | Weasel Zippers
White House's Hard Line on Shutdown, Debt Ceiling Has Risks Attached -
PRUDEN: The cheap tricks of the game - Washington Times
Blue Ridge hotel defies Park Service shutdown - Washington Times
• Side Two
Sinéad O'Connor's Miley Cyrus Feud Expands, She Says Simon Cowell Has Murdered Music | E! Online
[VIDEO] Miley Cyrus’ ‘Today’ Show Performance — She Twerks & Gets Sexy Again - Hollywood Life
Miley Cyrus on 'SNL': Twerktastic, or not?
List of Saturday Night Live episodes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blue Ridge inn's act of defiance lasts about 2 hours
Priests threatened with arrest if they minister to military during shutdown | The Daily Caller
Military Priests Face Arrest for Celebrating Mass in Defiance of Shutdown |
Military keeps Camp David open, cuts NFL, baseball coverage to troops overseas |
U.S. Government Shutdown ... Camp David OPEN FOR Presidential Pleasure |
Hannity In Shoutfest With A Dem Congressman: ‘Cut The Crap And Stop Lying To The Audience!’ -
Sean Hannity EPIC Shoutfest with Dem Rep. Bill Pascrell Over Obamacare: Cut the Crap and Stop Lying! - YouTube
Senate Democrats Object to Funding our Vets: Sen. Ted Cruz - YouTube
Politics: FYI: Democrats have demanded conditions for debt-ceiling increases 21 times since 1979 | Best of Cain
Kevin Hassett and Abby McCloskey: Obama Rewrites Debt-Limit History -
Is The CR Or Debt Fight A Usurpation Of Congress Power? - at
Politics: Obama unhinged: 'Imagine if workers could shut down a plant because they wanted to get something' | Best of Cain
Obama Against Strikes: Rockville, Maryland speech - YouTube
The PJ Tatler » AZ Offers to Pay to Keep Grand Canyon Open, ‘Make It Hurt’ Feds Say ‘No’
The Daily Courier, January 18, 1996 - Google News Archive Search
Shocking! CBS Hounds Pelosi Over Shutdown: 'You've Called Them Arsonists' | NewsBusters
Nancy Pelosi calls for Republicans to "take back" their party - CBS News
S.D. officials object to feds barring visitors from highway viewing areas near Mount Rushmore | Argus Leader |
Mark Steyn: Manning the Barrycades of punitive liberalism - Opinion - The Orange County Register
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defies NPS order to shut parks - Washington Times
WI Gov Scott Walker Defies Feds, Keeps Parks Open - Breitbart
Sheila Jackson Lee Suggests Gov. Shutdown Drove "Poor" Capital Hill Shooter's Actions - YouTube
MOV05438 Obama Closing The Ocean In Florida! - YouTube
Feds Try to Close the OCEAN Because of Shutdown
Feds close parts of the ocean due to shutdown - BizPac Review
NPS Rangers To Patrol Newest ‘Government Shutdown’ Closure: THE OCEAN - Fox Nation
Obama On Shutdown: "They Got Exactly What They Wanted" | RealClearPolitics

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