Monday, January 27, 2014



Trending issue on The Jimmy Z Show: Malts are not shakes
Next big step for the tea party is being nationally organized
Herman Cain on the IRS: Politcal class attacks working class
• Brit Hume: Extension of unemployment benefits shows Obama failed

Show No. 011-2014

• Sen. Chuck Schumer talks about wealthy tea party elite
• Next step for the tea party is being nationally organized
• Jimmy Z (2011) & Wild Bill (2014) talk about a nat'l tea party
• Who is General Paul Vallely? For one thing, he's a birther
• Trending issues on The Jimmy Z Show: Malts are not shakes
• Singles, no children getting food stamps at an alarming rate
• Obama and redistribution of wealth: Audio back to 1998
• Global warming dupe plans to live on an iceberg until it melts
• Brand new Jimmy Z original tune: The Global Warming Song

• The Grammys attack God and believers: 66 homos married
• Did Christian singer Natalie Grant stand up or back down?
• Herman Cain on the IRS: Politcal class attacks working class
• Obama and the Democrats on unemployment benefits
• Obama, Nancy Pelosi say unemployment benefits create jobs
• Rand Paul: 99 weeks of unemployment does not serve people
• Brit Hume: Extension of unemployment shows Obama failed
• Debate: Charles Payne & Tamara Holder on Bible and welfare

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
• Side One
Charles Schumer Sums Up The Tea Party Perfectly - Patriots Heart Network Media #phnm
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Carl’s Jr.® Chocolate Malt page
Guess What Group is Getting Food Stamps at an Alarming Rate
Congresswoman Waters Calls for Extension of Unemployment Insurance | Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Barack Obama On Redistribution of Wealth (2001?) - YouTube
Obama on Redistribution of Wealth - YouTube
Obama - New vision of America in which prosperity is shared -8/12/12 - YouTube
Barack Obama "I Believe in Redistribution of Wealth" Comment Loyola University 1998! - YouTube
One Man's Plan to Live on an Iceberg Until It Melts | Motherboard
The Global Warming Song - ©2014 Jimmy Z Music by Jimmy Z Zulz on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Republicans Need To Start Acting Like Adults, And Embrace Income Inequality - Forbes
• Side Two
BREAKING: CBS Putting a Gay-Marriage Protest In Middle of Grammy Performance of Leftist 'Same Love' Song | NewsBusters
Christian Singer Natalie Grant Left The Grammys Early. Guess Why... | Instinct
AJ McCarron calls Grammy performances 'demonic' -
Politics: The political class wages war on the working class | Best of Cain
Obama: Extending Unemployment Benefits Creates Jobs, You Know - Guy Benson
Transcript: President Obama’s Jan. 7 remarks on unemployment insurance extension - The Washington Post
President Barack Obama Unemployment Benefits Speech 1/7/2014 #RenewUI - YouTube
Rand Paul: Obama Poured $1 Trillion Into Economy With His Stimulus Bill But It Didn't Create Jobs - YouTube
Obama Slams Rand Paul's Comments About Extending Unemployment. Sells the American People Short - YouTube
Pelosi and Obama on Value of Extending Unemployment Benefits - YouTube (2012)
Obama Extending Unemployment Insurance will create jobs - YouTube (2012)
Hume: Jobless benefits push an admission of WH 'failure'? - The Latest News - YouTube
Obama Says Unemployment Benefits Create Jobs In America: Hannity - YouTube
Tamara Holder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Charles Payne (journalist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Johnny Knoxville said...

Jimmy, You ignorant bigotted DOUCHE BAG. As usual you are talking about something you don't have ANY CLUE about. It wasn't 33 homosexual couples getting married! It was 33 couples! Not all of them were homosexual! Quite a few were straight couples!

Jz said...

Oh like that makes it better. (?)

Troy York said...

Jimmy you and third world iraqis have something in common. Both want government. Out if their way. How about corporations getting out of my way and alternative means for eco omic properity

Jz said...

Thanks for listening, Troy. Don't be kooky though. Corporations are good for America. Jobs and profit. When green energy can be profitable, it will be.

Mary B said...

Give me a malt over a shake any day. My favorite however is a strawberry malt. Yum!

Anonymous said...

You probably think corporations are people, too.