Monday, February 24, 2014



Piers Morgan show on CNN canceled and it's really a shame
Big increase in Canadian postage; Fight to save door to door delivery
First homosexual player Jason Collins signed by the Brooklyn Nets
• Racial slurs penalty considered by the NFL: 15 yards for N-word

Show No. 023-2014

• NRA piece on Democrat testimony anti-Stand Your Ground
• Marcia Fudge and Luis Gutierrez against self defense
• Fail Factory: Students defend their high school in illiterate letters
• Piers Morgan show on CNN canceled, and it's a shame
• Audio: Larry Pratt and Ted Nugent talk with Piers Morgan
• Madison Rising receives criticism for Daytona Anthem performance
• Big increase in Canadian postage; Fight to save door to door delivery
• 85% of Americans had health insurance before Obama took over
• First homosexual player Jason Collins picked up by the Brooklyn Nets

• Jason Collins issue becomes massive: Fawning media praise
• Audio: Jason Collins said to be great choice for the Nets
• Collins nearly fouled out: Commits five fouls in 11 minutes of play
• Jackie Collins makes no points in a game the Lakers lose
• Comparisons to Jackie Robinson: Insult to civil rights movement
• Hip hop station commentary: Collins is a terrible NBA player
• Rewind: Jackie Collins was Michelle Obama's SOTU guest
• Racial slurs penalty considered by the NFL: 15 yards for N-word
• Second N-word penalty means player is ejected from the game
• Audio Mayhem: Youtube Schmos sound off on possible NFL rule

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
• Side One
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Madison Rising: Home Page for the band
Canadian Postal Workers Battle to Save Door-to-Door Delivery
Will says that 95 percent of people with health insurance are satisfied with it | PolitiFact
Jason Collins Signs With Nets, Becoming First Openly Gay N.B.A. Player -
• Side Two
Jason Collins puts his focus on the game, not history -
NBA veteran center Jason Collins comes out as gay
Brooklyn Nets' Jason Collins becomes NBA's 1st openly gay player to play in game |
Boomer & Carton: Jason Collins plays in Nets win over Lakers - YouTube
Jackie Robinson & the Media in 1947
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NFL expected to penalize players for using racial slurs in games - ESPN
The Nation's Dave Zirin on Proposed Penalty For Use of N-Word - YouTube
No More N-Word In The NFL, Are You Freaking Kidding Me - YouTube
NFL Considering Rule To Penalize use of N-Word on Field - YouTube
Use the N-word in the NFL? THAT's a PENALTY!! - Talkin360 - YouTube
Random Rush: Limbaugh Says Only Black People Use the N-Word - YouTube


Barbara said...

Fewer people using the postal system, combined with a 6.5 billion dollar pension deficit (according to the Globe and Mail), you wonder what will become of the whole system. They had to make these cuts, because they cannot afford the employee retirement costs. I guess community boxes and P.O. Boxes are in our future for good. Only about a third of homes will get home delivery. We will continue to get it, because we are rural. We shouldn't talk to soon, that might be the next cut!

There was a time we had farm delivery on Saturdays too. I think Britain still has twice a day delivery. In the day of the computer, I bet usage will drop year after year. It makes you wonder if this postal system's structural problem will spread to other countries too.

Jimmy Z, we do have Netflix in Canada. I know my kids stream it into their homes. I'm not sure about getting it by mail.

We thought Madison Rising's version of the National Anthem was awesome. The Daytona audience is a bit touchy!

Troy York said...

Why did you not mentuon dave zirans name or have him as a guest to debate n word being used. This is response to racist european soccer fans