Friday, June 5, 2009


Interview: Jack from Conservative Blogs Central
Republicans move to defund ACORN

Show No. 97-2009. Today's program runs approximately one hour.

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Opening • 'Stand', Billy Ray Cyrus • Our National Anthem • 'Let's Work Together', Canned Heat • Salutations • The gathering conservative wave • BlogTalkRadio • The Jimmy Z Interview: Jack from Conservative Blogs Central • John Boehner: House Republicans move to defund ACORN • New unemployment figure is out • Rush Limbaugh: Will Americans wake up? • Coming up on the weekend show

Show notes and links:
House republicans move to defund ACORN
Rush Limbaugh: Will Americans wake up?

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Keith Katsikas said...

I love ya, you know that, but there was way too much music in the intro of this show. I, like everyone else I assume, come here to listen to you, not music. =)

Keith Katsikas said...

LOL... When I say I love ya... Well, you know what I mean. Love the show! =)

Jimmy Z said...

Keith, thanks for that. One reason I did list all of that on the site here is so that folks didn't feel they must listen to all of it, and could forward through it. Between you and me, I needed it; that was for me. I needed to hear Billy Ray sing "stand for what you believe in" and I needed to hear Canned Heat back 40 years ago, "let's work together" which, if you consider, tied in nicely to the part of the show where I talked about how we do need to work on this conservative cause together - not just like 5,000 satellites out there, but really TOGETHER.

But I do not take your comment lightly, nor am I offended. In truth, that's a great compliment, and you can count on this music thing not being a regular occurrence. Most of the time I have way too much to say to blow time spinning tunes.

Next time I need tunes, I'll play them in a separate segment and those who would like to listen can play that bit, wholly apart from the show itself.

Thanks Keith. Really, that's a very nice thing to say.

Best of everything,

Keith Katsikas said...

I can't wait to do my interview with you, my friend. It's going to be a crap load of rat bastard fun! Well, in a sorta serious, kinda fun, ruthless tooth pulling politics, slay the evil dragon, kinda way. LMAO! I have no idea where that just came from! I must be tired. =)