Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Obama's ties to Islam begin coming out of the closet
Do liberals all support Obama's socialist agenda?
Show No. 96-2009. Each segment today runs approximately one hour.

Part One • Click HERE to download
Opening • Nauseating NBC special at the White House • Open Government Dialog website • Birth Certificate threads • Obama's Muslim roots exposed • French interview with Obama: America is one of the largest Muslim countries • Obama administration seeks to give immunity to Saudi Arabia in 9-11 lawsuit • Obama allows non-citizens to vote in Georgia • Government accidentally publishes list of nuclear sites • Three important pieces by Bill Keller • Audio: Song about the murder of Dr. Tiller • Audio: Abortionist is 'proud' of her work

Part Two • Click HERE to download
Opening • 'What Do You Know?', Jimmy Z • Part One and Part Two posted separately today • Can liberal democrats actually be in favor of everything Obama is doing? • Clinton or Carter more preferable than Obama • A friend writes that Obama is trying to fix America in Europe's eyes • MSNBC reports Romney's criticism of Obama • Three more conservative sites for you to check out • Audio: Scarborough goes off • More Sotomayor insight • Rant: Feelings ought not be part of a judge's decision • Ranger's fan can't wear 'Yankees suck!' shirt • Back in the day: Jimmy Z wears a controversial shirt to Angel Stadium • Klavin on the Culture: Mean conservatives • Terrorist suspect helps create Xbox video game

Show notes, links and video:
Open Government Dialog website
The Emergence of President Obama's Muslim roots
French interview with Obama
WND: Obama claims US is one of the world's largest Muslim countries
WND: Obama administration seeks to indemnify Saudi Arabia in 9-11 suit
Obama allows non-citizens to vote in Georgia
Government accidentally publishes list of nuclear sites
NYT: Government releases nuclear site list
Bill Keller: Phelps and have nothing to do with Christianity
Bill Keller: When do we fight for the faith?
Bill Keller: The assassination of Dr. George Tiller
Song about the murder of Dr. Tiller
Abortionist claims to be proud of her work

MSNBC: Romney criticizes Obama's 'apology tours'
Chicago Ray
Stormin's Morning Java
Sarge's Depot
Scarborough goes off (viewable on Stormin's)
The American Scene on Sotomayor
NYT: Text of Sotomayor's lecture
Rick Lowry on Sotomayor
Thomas Sowell on Sotomayor
Rangers' fan can't wear 'Yankees suck!' shirt
Klavin on the Culture at PJTV
Terrorism suspect helps create Xbox game

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Chicago Ray said...

This a great and professional show, landed here from your comments on that "nimroddish" Obama site and your battles the ObaMorons there.

You gained a fan and an advertiser as Im puttin' a button to this show on my blog Mr Z. Check it out, we're on the same page my friend.