Friday, January 13, 2012


Jimmy Z Interview: Robert Dean, US Marine Combat Veteran
Homeland Security training exercises in Florida cause a stir
Conservatives are asking, Who is Mitt Romney and what does he believe?
Show No. 010-2012

• Video: US Marines urinate on dead Taliban fighters
• Emotional comments from Facebook conservatives
• The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Catching up with your calls
• Debra JM Smith commentary: Oklahoma Anti-Sharia court ruling

• Homeland Security training exercises in Florida
• Elvis-Nixon predicts Tebow & the Broncos will beat New England
• Interview: Robert Dean, USMC Combat Veteran
• Mark Levin asks, 'Who is Mitt Romney?'

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• Hour One
Hillary Clinton says marine urination video 'inconsistent with American values' - YouTube
Veteran pols slam Marines' urination on dead Afghans  - NY Daily News
4 Marines in video ID'd; Could face charges - CBS News
McCain on Marines scandal: "It makes me so sad" - CBS News Video
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Monty Python & The Holy Grail: French Taunter - YouTube
Debra JM Smith: Federal Court Blocks Oklahoma Sharia Ban - What Could Work
• Hour Two
Daily Commercial: Homeland Security Training excercise startles locals
ELVISNIXON.COM: Tebow to Upset Patriots: 27-14
Prayer Requests and Miracles 24 hours a day! Prayer.
Fleeing from the Lost and Hurting in the Cities for the Comfort and Money of the Suburbs
Mitt vs. Mitt — the story of two men trapped in one body
Mark Levin: Who the hell is Mitt Romney? I really want to know! | The Right Scoop
• Interview Author: American Patriot Alliance: The Revenge of Marines: A Piss-Poor Lapse In Judgment
Allen West on the Marines Incident: 'Shut Your Mouth, War Is Hell' | The Weekly Standard

17 comments: said...


Thank YOU JimmyZ!

Pray for Tebow!

Debra J.M. Smith said...

My Thoughts On The Video of Our Military Men Peeing On The Dead Enemy:

Though I don't believe that our service men should be peeing on the dead enemy, I don't believe that we should be judging them for what they did. While we are chasing the American dream, they are at war fighting a nightmare. --Who are we to judge them?

Our armed forces takes 18 year-old kids and makes killing machines out of them. They take normal people and teach them to be able to kill another human-being. Surely, it has to be harder to learn kill a man, than to pee on his dead body.

We cannot think that people can be taught how to kill and not have their way-of-thinking be tremendously altered. We cannot have it both ways. We are not sending little sensitive flower children out in the fields to fight these wars. We are sending people who are capable of wiping out lives. We cannot expect them to take the lives of the enemy in one breath, and then have any amount of respect for that enemy in the next. And I don't believe, that at that time, we can expect them to get out that handbook of "Rules N War," either.

It seems logical that viewing the enemy as a sub-human piece of garbage (worthy of being peed on, once dead), could very well be the thing that makes some soldiers able to deal with the fact that they just killed that enemy, or even able to kill him in the first place. That is the kind of thinking that cannot be turned on and off, with a rules book. And it is just way too easy for us to sit in our cozy safe homes on American soil and say what we would do, what we wouldn't do, what they should do, what they shouldn't do.

Is it the ideal way that we'd like our big tough soldiers to be? No. Does it take away from our fantasies of our soldiers? Yes, it does. It shows us reality, that not all soldiers get through wars, unscathed. We should be praying for them, not judging them.

And no, our government should not be publicly blasting any of our military. Family handles things privately. And our military is family. But if our government is going to make the mistake of speaking ill of our military, publicly, they had better choose someone better than Hillary Clinton, whose only anger over what her husband did, desecrating the Oval Office, was that he got caught!


I also called this into your opinion line. The third call, fit it all in. --Thanks, Jimmy.

Jz said...

There are rules and laws, as I stated clearly on the show, that our military must abide by. The UCMJ, US Marine Corps principles, the Geneva Convention - all of these are known by our Marines. They are not 'killing machines' anymore than a man or woman who learns how to use a gun effectively to defend their family and home against violent, murderous intruders is a killing machine.

I interviewed a very knowledgeable Christian battle combat veteran and read words that my father wrote, both Marines. I can't explain it anymore clearly: These Marines knew what they did was wrong. They're not automatons out there with little voices in their heads saying, "kill... kill... kill..." It's a shame that so many Americans are as ignorant of what our military is about.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

I understand how you feel, Jimmy. But I feel the way that I feel.

I just recorded my commentary and sent it over to you, so that you'll have a better quality audio of it.

I like how you allow different opinions (within reason) on topics, on your show. It makes for an honest radio show that allows people to listen to different points of view.


Jz said...

I rarely base my thoughts on issues like this on my feelings. I believe we uphold our troops to a higher standard, and that we SHOULD. I like what my guest had to say about Christianity as well. We ought not be taking a whiz on dead bodies of our enemy.

The Jimmy Z Show said...


"We should not mourn the death of any Taliban. They are trying to kill Americans and killing them first is the best way to fight and win the war. But every society has customs and rituals associated with the dead and deliberately violating them by desecrating the bodies of our enemy is not in the "warrior ethos" as Corps Commandant Genearl Jim Amos said in a statement responding to the video of the act.

He's right. We're better than that. The Marines are better than that. It's not political correctness that is at the heart of the real criticism of the actions of the Marines. (criticism by domestic critics and America's enemies is exaggerated and mostly without merit, having more to do with politics than ethics). It is the notion that America is an exceptional country and that by definition, we hold our warriors to a higher standard. The argument that the Taliban does worse, or Muslims have desecrated the bodies of Americans as they did in Somali doesn't hold water. Are we to ape the worst behaviors of the enemy and justify it as tit for tat? Or, are our standards superior to our enemies and thus, criticism of the Marines is justified?"

Debra J.M. Smith said...

Well, you know that I am not a fan of the Mormon owned, You do recall that is a site that I parted ways with, after the Mormon owner tried to get me to be quiet about his having pushed the Book of Mormon on that site.

May God bless the real Christians on that site, with the strength to pull their columns off of that site too, some day. But as for me, I will honor the Lord and never promote that site, no matter who the Christian is that posts there.

And I'll leave my thoughts on this topic of our soldiers at what I posted here and recorded for play on your show.


Peter Stiles said...

Romney/Huntsmen 2012 GOP nominee and his VP pick... It's already written.

Pay attention to September.

Jz said...

What a cop out! That woman's opinion had NOTHING to do with Mormonism.

Jz said...

No shot. Huntsman is over. His appeal is near nil.

Peter Stiles said...

His appeal is near nil? What planet are you on?

He was placing third on many of the polls/results .. Who else would be Romney's VP? Newt or Perry - After all the negativity between them and Romney? .. Seriously -- It's definitely not going to be Ron Paul - So Huntsmen is the logical conclusion. He did well in the polls, is well liked by many and also will be used to attempt to "heal the divide" and pull in independent and moderate votes. Just watch - You'll see I'm correct on this one.

Peter Stiles said...

It'd help if I learned to spell his name right ;)

Jz said...

Politics is not your game. As left as Romney is, he'll have to pick someone on the conservative side of things, not a full blown liberal. Don't be silly.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

re: "What a cop out! That woman's opinion had NOTHING to do with Mormonism."

I didn't say it did, Jimmy. And it is not a "cop out," that I won't go to that site.

Many of us have sites that we will not give our "business" to, so-to-say. The more that site is up in the ranks, the more non-suspecting people go to that site. The owner will at times push Mormonism on the site, in that oh-so clever way that Mormons do. And he always portrays his Mormon site, as "Christian."

I am told by God, to have nothing to do with evil works of darkness, but rather to expose such.

So, just as I walked away from that site 6 years ago when everything came clearly into the light for me to see about it and the owner, I won't have anything to do with it today. And that includes reading articles that are right on the site, even by Christians.

I will not treat as a normal site, any more than you would treat the Alex Jones site as normal.


Jz said...

Should I provide her comments in another form so you can respond to her points about WHY THE BEHAVIOR OF THE MARINES WAS NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA or the US Marines?

After all, that IS the topic at hand.

Peter Stiles said...

"Politics is not your game. As left as Romney is, he'll have to pick someone on the conservative side of things, not a full blown liberal. Don't be silly."

Hunstman is more honest and conservative than Romney. Romney is a liberal pretending to be far right now. Romney used to be an avid pro choice guy but flip flopped as soon as he started running for president

Politics IS my game - I pay a lot of attention to what's going on.

Romney and Huntsman are both Mormons. Huntsman dropped out and endorsed Romney right away -- He is definitely eying a VP bid. Aside from Huntsman, Romney has the most progressive history in the bunch -- Yet all the far right conservative fell by the wayside and he's the only one to reign supreme .. Why do you think that is? If the country majority was truly conservative, someone like Santorum or Bachman would have come out ahead. Romney knows that Huntsman is someone who hates political divisiveness and could sweep in a lot of "on the fence" and moderate left voters as his VP pick.

Just watch and see. If Romney picks someone far right he's toast. Very conservative people always tend to destroy themselves in the eye of the independent voter once they run their mouth too much. (i.e. Look at how the far right is handling the marine pissing situation -- Pam Geller for example, suggestion it's totally ok. THAT is modern far right for you....You aren't a conservative in their eyes)


Ps. I do agree with your views on the marine pee episode. Your views are rational and make you sound like a smart and sane progressive. ;)

Jz said...

Huntsman conservative? Oy.

As to Mormonism - though I do not endorse the cult, both men should be thrown out of the church for their liberal, anti-Mormon policies, including Romney's move to start homosexual marriage in the US.