Monday, January 16, 2012


Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Debra JM Smith, Rick Perry on Urinegate
Modern Day Titanic: 'The crew had no training'
Both sides of the Marine video controversy: Where do you stand?
Show No. 011-2012

• US Marines pissing on dead bodies: The Opposing View
• Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Debra JM Smith commentary
• Modern Day Titanic: "The crew had no training"

• Vote for Ava Aston's 'We The People' on
• Commentary from Bill Kristol, Brit Hume, Rick Perry and Pamela Geller
• YouTube Schmos talk about whether or not to punish the Marines

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7 comments: said...

muslims killing "infidels" is Infinitely more offensive than USMC urinating on a corpse

Obama needs to apologize for his WIFE blowing millions while Americans are unemployed

Debra J.M. Smith said...



Who is the ignorant one, if not the one who has his ears covered, yelling, "lalalalalal, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

My commentary does NOT deny that there are men like your dad in the Marines. Of course there are men who would never pee on a dead enemy. But my commentary does address the obvious, that there ARE men in our military who DO pee on the dead enemy.

And my commentary does NOT ignore the fact that the laws of war do not allow such, but rather acknowledges that some of our men are not going to at all times, consider such rules.

And there is a HUGE difference between learning how to use a gun to protect one's own home from a home invasion and being trained in the military, to fight in wars! Yes, they are turned into killing machines, capable of killing countless people, on command!

Why do you think many of our men in service are committing suicide? Why do you think many of them, when they get home from war, cannot jump back into life and end up on the streets? Not all men get through war, unscathed.

No, I don't know ALL there is to know about fighting in the military. But I can think logically about it. And I can listen to what people who have fought in wars are saying (including the man that you interviewed on your show, who confirmed that this type of thing DOES happen). And I can know better than to judge them for such a thing, while I sit safe in my nice warm home, having never had to kill an enemy or watch my friend be brutally killed by that enemy.

Ignorant would be sitting in judgement of these men, for what was really harmless towards the dead enemy. --And NO I do not believe that it is going to make an already sub-human enemy, meaner to our men! My word, what? Are they are going to behead our men twice, if captured???

My reason for thinking that our men should not pee on the dead enemy, has NOTHING to do with our sub-human enemy.


Jz said...

Debra, those who do are breaking the law. And if they're in the US Marine Corps, they're going against the Marine code of conduct as well.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

I acknowledge that, Jimmy. I just don't judge them for it.

Recognizing the obvious, is not judging.

Great show, by the way.



Peter Stiles said...

The point is, We are better than them. Or we're supposed to be, right?

If we took a no-rules "anything goes" attitude and didn't hold the soldiers who did such things accountable, situations like this, abu ghraib and worse would become the norm. Pretty soon we wouldn't have that moral high ground "shining beacon on the hill" status. (If we even have "it" any more, which I have my doubts)

Ron Paul may be dangerous as a modern day Neville Chamberlain (or worse - total isolationist) ... but he is right that the Muslims don't hate us "for our freedoms"

Blow back is a reality -- The U.S. has a history of covert military interventions all over the world -- Propping up very bad people in order to get rid of worse people, and so on ... We can't just bomb people all over the world and kill as many innocent bystanders as we have over the decades and not expect consequences. ... If we are to ever repair our broken image -- STUFF like THIS and Abu Ghraib, Etc NEED TO STOP!

Debra J.M. Smith said...

Great show, but it is sad, though, that you link to the Mormon owned website,, which portrays itself as a "Christian" website.


Jz said...

I stand by the article that I cited (and which you never responded to, nor asked me to copy the text of for you) because the opinion piece is great. But upon visiting the site again today, they have a big fat promotion of a Mormon book on the top of their site - leaving no doubt as to their agenda. I wrote the owner of the site, and told him I will no longer use them as a source. I call on all Christians writing at Renew America to wake up and get off the site which is pushing the Mormon cult.

I will also note here that this increasing influence and more outspokenness of Mormons is in fact due to the influence of Mormons like Mitt Romney, and if he becomes President it's going to get a lot worse - which is another reason I will not support him for President under any circumstances.