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Rasmussen's Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows Obama dropping
Fashion cruelty, silk worms and a 'green' dress at the Oscars
Obama Administration doing everything wrong in Afghanistan
Show No. 038-2012

• SonlitKnight talks about Santorum and conservative social issues
• Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul match ups vs. Obama
• Rasmussen's Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
• Newt Gingrich's inspirational speech to the NRA

• Newt Gingrich speech to the NRA continued
• The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Girl Scouts defended
• The cruelty of silk and a green dress at the Oscars
• The Obama Administration doing everything wrong in Afghanistan

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Disgusted said...

I'm so glad that most Protestants do not feel as you two Catholics feel about birth control.

You and your friend's conversation about women and birth control and promiscuity was the most sexist arrogant insulting exchange between two MEN that I have heard on a "conservative" talk show, thus far.

Do you both also think that guns kill?

Promiscuous women have been around since the beginning of time, LONG before there was such thing as birth control. Birth control does not make a good girl, go bad. Many good and solid married couples use birth control.

And what about the men? Neither of you said a thing about condoms and promiscuity among men. What was that? Men will be men? Is that it?

THIS kind of crazy Catholic rhetoric should stop any woman with a brain in her head and Jesus in her heart, from voting for Rick Santorum.



Jz said...

My argument does not come from any sexist point of view at all. But since women buy and use the Pill - not men - that was the topic. I can't help the fact that men do not buy and use the Pill. But they sure do benefit from it, don't they! Maybe I didn't make it clear, but since we're all Christians I thought it would be understood; that I was talking about young women who are not married and having sex outside of marriage. I don't care what married women do - that's between them and their husbands and their doctors. I would NEVER seek to end contraceptive prescriptions for the Pill, although I think there might be evidence that the Pill can cause breast cancer. (That's another topic for another time perhaps, I know).

I think it is more than obvious that single young women of high school and college age, armed with the Pill to prevent getting pregnant, will feel more free to have sex outside of marriage. And certainly more young men in that same age group will feel more freedom to boink them without having to risk knocking her up. And no one will commit to anything. They'll just have sex for fun, which is what my guest was talking about.

Again, we were talking about sex outside of marriage.


Jz said...

Oh, and there was one Catholic and one Protestant talking.

Disgusted said...

I don't know what to laugh harder at, that one of you does not claim to be a Catholic, or that you honestly do not think that I REALIZE you were talking about sex outside of marriage. Duh!

Why don't try actually reading ALL of what I said in my original comment on your sexist rant.

Jz said...

I think we all know that the Pill makes it easier to be promiscuous. I don't think you'd bother denying that. Yes, there have always been women who were promiscuous. There were always men who wanted to get it on with them. So what? Now it's easier and there is much less to worry about. It's all part of what the left has been pursuing for decades. Make sex meaningless.

Disgusted said...

If that were the case, then why all of the unwanted pregnancies today?

Birth control no more causes promiscuity, than guns cause murders. Promiscuous women AND men will be promiscuous with or without birth control, just as murderers will murder with or without a gun.

Jz said...

I did not say it causes it - I said, I believe, that it plays a part in increasing it. And there are always people who aren't going to even use contraception. I don't know what that has to do with the price of condoms in China.

Disgusted said...

Give it your best shot. Think really hard. And you might just understand what I am saying and how I felt about your sexist Catholic rant with your friend.

And don't kid yourself into thinking that women would not have a problem with voting for Santorum.

Have a nice night.


Jz said...

I will refer you to Limbaugh today, the Monday show, and review his transcript about social issues. Conservatism is not ANTI-contraception, but of course conservatives are against pre marital sex. What do YOU think happens when a mother buys her 16 year old daughter the Pill? I do.

Jz said...

I know, I mean. It's simple, not rocket surgery.

Disgusted said...

No kidding. Really? Conservatism is not against birth control? I think I know that.

I think it is people like you and your friend who do not know that.

And let me try this one more time. Birth control does not make a good girl, go bad.

And idiot parents are idiots, with or without birth control to hand to their children. It is not about birth control. It is about raising a child in the word of God. And if a person does not raise a child in the word of God, that child can go wrong in any way out there, including sex outside of marriage.

It is not birth control that causes children to have sex outside of marriage, but rather the lack of a good and solid biblical upbringing, in a home that applies the bible and makes room for the Holy Spirit in theirs and their children's lives.

Good night!

Jz said...

Two different issues. Thanks for listening.

SonlitKnight said...

Dear "Disgusted" (DJMS),
I do not have a sexist bone in my body and almost everything you said about me and Jimmy Z was demonstrably false....which is typical of you.

First, your contention that we claimed that birth control only contributes to promiscuity among women. We said nothing of the sort. In fact, your argument is totally devoid of logic (another thing typical for you). Since the subject was contraception, which is the prevention of birth from sex, it only stands to reason that the sex engaged in would be between a man AND a woman, making BOTH guilty. Further, Jimmy Z and I both referred to the birth control used as "Contraception" which would, by it's very definition refer to all means of artificial birth control including condoms. Limiting this to birth control used by women only (the pill) was something YOU did...not me.

Of course, as far as specific birth control methods leading to promiscuity, the pill is obviously the worst, not because the woman uses it but because the temptation for unprotected sex is obviously stronger.

As for your contention that some otherwise solid married couples use contraception may be true but it is undeniable that the use of contraception has caused an explosion in stds, abortion and a degradation of social values.

Finally, your insistence that Jimmy Z is a Catholic was brilliant in showing who you are and what a desperate, hate-filled hypocritical shrew you are.

SonlitKnight said...

Also Debra,
What you know about EITHER the Bible or the Holy Spirit wouldn't cover the head of a pin. In fact, you are-without question- one of the most UN Christian people I have ever met.

M. Mason said...

Well, the Divider-in-Chief and his friends have been hard at work.

Look at what has been accomplished: rich vs. poor, states vs. feds, black vs. white, young vs. old, Tea Party vs. OWS, Democrats vs. Republican, executive power grab vs. religious freedoms. I could go on all night. Reminds me of the Fabian Window.

Look around the world. Socialists always try to weaken faith in free people. Religion has to be weakened and replaced with the State. Once you know that, it starts to make sense.

This was an extra-constitutional move. President Obama's goal was to have people fight over contraceptives - not guard The Constitution. Rick Santorum will not take away the availability of the birth control pill. He knows that this was a move on religious freedoms. Make religious institutions provide contraceptives, abortifacients - what next? Will Catholic hospitals have to provide abortions soon? Where would it end?

Please everyone, don't fall into their trap. They want to divide and weaken you. It's a Chicago shell game. They are good at it. Command and Control Socialists vs. Free People.

I pray we all collect our thoughts. Soon, organized labor will join with the anarchists. It won't be a good year.....especially if they distract and divide us. We need to stay strong and united. We are all friends here.

Peace said...

I don't see it as two different issues, if the issue is promiscuity. The bible tells us that it is God's word that separates us from our sin.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I liked the rest of your show. Perhaps you did not realize how a woman might view two men talking about women in that way.

I'll stop by again some time. I never stay upset for long. Life is too short, and God is too good.

Thanks for posting my comments.


Jz said...

Hard to talk about the pill without it being about women.

Barbara said...

American Heritage Girls....Patti's Page - You might want to change your emblem. I'm with Jimmy in seeing something you likely didn't plan on! You might want to change a couple things.