Tuesday, February 21, 2012


ESPN in trouble for referring to Jeremy Lin as the 'chink in the armor'
Franklin Graham drilled on MSNBC's Morning Joe: Who's a Christian?
Bewildered Bob Scheiffer talks to Rick Santorum as if he's an alien
Show No. 035-2012

• Why our enemies are not attacking us while Obama is president
• ESPN in trouble for referring to Jeremy Lin as 'chink in the armor'
• Rush Limbaugh and Bill Keller on Whitney Houston funeral
• Can conservatives beat Obama with conservative social issues?

TUESDAY Hour Two (The 1,300th Hour of The Jimmy Z Show!)
• Dick Morris on Santorum and social conservatism
• Franklin Graham drilled on MSNBC's Morning Joe
• Bewildered Bob Schiffer talks to Santorum as if he's an alien
• Indiana legislator condemns Girl Scouts on 100th anniversary

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Barbara said...

In regards to the MSNBC interview with Rev. Franklin Graham:

Willie Geist, Alex Wagner, John Heilemann,and Mike Barnicle were especially vicious that day. They were out to get Rev. F. Graham - to make himself look like a religious nut in front of the voters. They were out for a "campaign commercial" type quote, right from the beginning. There was quite a bit of negative energy in that room. It was gang up on the "crazy evangelical", in an obviously partisan-operative sort of way.

All things considered, Rev. Graham handled things fairly well. I would have had a meltdown right then and there!

You might think Mike Barnicle just doesn't "get it" when it comes to Christianity, but you would be wrong. Surprisingly, there is a large contingent of Roman Catholics employed with NBC/MSNBC. Mike Barnicle, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, the late Tim Russert, the recently fired Pat Buchanon. These folks are all friends....many times having joked about their Irish/Catholic, Parochial - sometimes Jesuit education. Mike Barnicle "gets" Christianity.

Unfortunately, many of them put party loyalty above everything else. The whole "social justice" entrance into some Roman Catholic's faith is quite evident as well. (Lawrence O'Donnell especially!)

I wish Tim Russert was still with us. He had a fonder association with Catholicism. He even brought his son Luke to the Vatican, to be blessed by the Pope. That interview would have been far more civilized if Tim Russert were in that studio.

Now, Chris Matthews never wants Rev. Franklin Graham to come as a guest again! I guess BLACKLISTED would be the appropriate word.

Peggy Noonan and Mika Brzezinski are also Roman Catholics. Peggy's "contraception mischief" dust-up with Mika was fun to watch.

Dave said...

You can hear the frustration in the Moron Joe crew with Graham....
These idiots really have no idea what a Christian is! Yet they are objective news reporters?! You said it JZ and it's pretty easy.

You can be a scoundrel your whole life. If only at the last second you say you take Jesus into your heart and boom! We can say, YOU CONSIDER yourself a Christian. Now no one knows if you were lying or not, so we take you at your word you CONSIDER YOURSELF a Christian.

To determine IF YOU REALLY ARE a Christian, we must look at YOUR ACTIONS. Mr. Graham pointed out just a couple of things that would suggest Mr. Obama (notice how quickly there were there to correct him, PRESIDENT Obama) is NOT A CHRISTIAN by way of his actions. Mr. Graham mentioned those things twice to deaf ears.

Mr. Graham didn't get to it because Moron Joe was too busy siding with their team, but we do have quotes from Rick Santorum that he CONSIDERS HIMSELF a Christian and we take his word for it. But we also have HIS ACTIONS ON RECORD that suggest HE IS IN FACT A CHRISTIAN.

Yes, there is a double standard Moron Joe. But only when your team is losing...