Monday, June 11, 2012


Despite SCOTUS decision for the Scouts, son of two lesbians on the attack
TV preacher Creflo Dollar arrested for choking daughter; congregation cheers
Carrie Underwood, an outspoken Christian, is now pro gay marriage
Show No. 101-2012

• Homosexual activists attack the Boy Scouts of America again
• Zach Wahls, raised by two lesbians, is leading the charge
• Audio Mayhem: Zach on Ellen DeGeneres and David Letterman
• Book signings, activism and Zach talks about the Boy Scouts

• Brilliant, literate rebuttal to Zach Wahls on YouTube
• Carrie Underwood, an outspoken Christian, now pro gay marriage
• TV preacher Creflo Dollar arrested for beating his daughter
• YouTube Schmos talk about Creflo Dollar; Congregation cheers

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
• Hour One
Boy Scouts under attack again over policy of not granting membership to openly gay individuals » The Right Scoop -
Boy Scouts' Gay Ban Challenged from Within - US - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -
Scouts for Equality
The Boy Scouts of America
Eagle Scouts fight Boy Scouts’ ban on gays from the inside - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, New York
Zach Wahls Speaks About Family - YouTube
Zach Wahls Talks About His Inspiring Speech - YouTube
Zach Wahls on David Letterman 2012.04.23. - YouTube
The Outspoken Generation: Zach Wahls - YouTube
Zach Wahls presents at the GLAAD Media Awards #glaadawards - YouTube
Zach Wahls live on MSNBC - YouTube
Zach WAHLS supports you destroy Homophobia - YouTube
Jennifer Tyrrell, Alicia Burns, Zach Wahls, and Boy Scouts at the #glaadawards - YouTube
Q&A with Advocate and Author Zach Wahls - YouTube
My Two Moms with Zach Wahls - YouTube
My Two Moms, Zach Wahls - 9781592407132 - YouTube
Zach Wahls, His Two Moms, & The Future of Same-Sex Marriage - YouTube
Live from Prairie Lights - Zach Wahls - YouTube
Zach Wahls & Family On The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell - YouTube
Zach Wahls Lends His Voice to the Fight Against Amendment One - YouTube
Zach Wahls On Boy Scouts Discrimination (June 7, 2012) - YouTube
Zach Wahl's Mother on Raising Family in Gay Household - YouTube
• Hour Two
Brett Kunkle: Answering Zach Wahls' Case for Same-sex Marriage - YouTube
CMT : Carrie Underwood : Biography
Carrie Underwood: My Fiance Improved My Walk with God
Carrie Underwood comes out in support of marriage equality |
Welcome to my country: Can America's sweetheart Carrie Underwood win over the UK? - Profiles - People - The Independent
Carrie Underwood Comes Out in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage - Hollywood Reporter
Carrie Underwood voices support for same-sex marriage - Celebritology 2.0 - The Washington Post
Creflo Dollar: Atlanta Megachurch Pastor Arrested for Battery - ABC News
Pastor Creflo Dollar arrested with assaulting daughter, 15 - YouTube
Video - CBS Atlanta 46: Creflo Dollar returns to church on Sunday
1814dreadyhead: Pastor Creflo Dollar ARRESTED For Allegedly CHOKING His Daughter - YouTube
Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested for being a Parent @tobiasqbrown - YouTube
Pastor Creflo Dollar speaks about his arrest in church - YouTube
HLDATL: Response: Creflo Dollar Assault on Daughter and Arrest - YouTube

1 comment:

Barbara said...

THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA IS GLOBAL. The advancement is made through a common template. It is already well underway in the Canada and the USA.
Homosexuals are considered "bullied". Bullying awareness eventually ends in HATE SPEECH / HATE CRIME LEGiSLATION. (Bill 13,"Accepting Schools Act" the foot in the door)

Hate crime legislation is used to challenge PARENTAL RIGHTS. Children who speak out against the homosexual lifestyle as sinful(esp. at school), are thought to be "indoctrinated" or "brainwashed" by their bigoted parents. Eventually, parental rights will fall by way of encoded hate crime legislation.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS will suffer a barrage of legal challenges in order to accept the homosexual lifestyle / eg. marriage ceremonies. Pastors serving in the military are already at this point.

Finally, the last refuge of parents...the legal right to homeschool... will be brought down. Homeschooling for the purpose of religious "brainwashing" will be considered unacceptable. This is already happening in Europe (Sweden)

Ret. General Boykin has been warning anyone who will listen, that Hate Crime Legislation will be used against the church and the family unit. It is the weapon the Progressives/Socialists/Fabians use. Western, democratic nations are at different stages - SAME TEMPLATE / DIFFERENT STAGES.