Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Boxer Manny Pacquiao speaks truth on homo marriage, then apologizes
Scott Walker's big win is a huge blow to public employee union power
Audio Mayhem: Jesse Jackson, Ed Schultz, Howard Dean & more
Show No. 099-2012

• Georgia student arrested for building bombs; says she is an anarchist
• Obama's big gay trip to LA: The culture bows down to gay activism
• Manny Pacquiao speaks the truth on homosexual marriage, apologizes
• JCPenney features two 'dads' in their online catalog
• Scott Walker's win is a huge blow to public employee union power

• Audio Mayhem: Jesse Jackson was optimistic with early polls
• Woman slaps Mayor Tom Barrett for conceding
• Democrat voter cries & declares that America is finished
• Ed Schultz on TV predicts Walker indictment
• Victory and concession speeches by Walker and Barrett
• Remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz? This is an Obama dry run

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• Hour One
Ga. college student accused of building bombs - Video on
Obama fundraising visit expected to snarl Westside traffic -
DC Comics' Green Lantern is now gay | Fox News
The Green Lantern is Gay!
Jay-Z -- I Support Gay Marriage |
Jay-Z: Opposing Same-Sex Marriage is Discrimination - YouTube
Black Church & Civil Rights Leaders Convene Press Conference Opposing President on Marriage - YouTube
Pacquiao Banned from L.A. Mall for Same-Sex Marriage Opposition
CAAPUSA 100,000 Signatures for Marriage - Home
Manny Pacquiao banned from Los Angeles mall for opposing gay marriage - Spokane Conservative |
Manny Pacquiao Barred From 'Extra' Interview at the Grove After Bashing Gay Marriage - Los Angeles News - The Informer
Did the LA Weekly Get Manny Pacquiao Barred from The Grove? - FishbowlLA
Caruso's punch at Pacquiao: A signal he's entering the ring? -
Rick J. Caruso - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Manny Pacquiao: 'To the gay community, I apologize' -
NAACP Leader Opposes Group’s Same-Sex Marriage Support | CitizenLink
Quietly, the Republican Party is embracing gays | McClatchy
L.A. mall reverse course, welcomes Manny Pacquiao
Nike releases statement on Manny Pacquiao, who clarifies his position about gay marriage – Outsports
LivePrayer: Prayer Requests and Miracles 24 hours a day! Prayer.
LivePrayer: Bill Keller: Homosexuality is now Mainstream
Target Sells T-Shirts To Raise Money For Group Working To Defeat Gay Marriage Ban In Minnesota
Debra JM Smith: Real Dads Get A Real Fathers Day Face Slap By JC Penney
JCPenney homosexual catalog page
The Meaning Of Scott Walker’s Win at
After Wisconsin Exit Polls, White House Must Wonder If All the Polling is Wrong - The Rush Limbaugh Show
• Hour Two
Gov. Walker survives recall in Wisconsin - The Washington Post
Rev. Jesse Jackson in Milwaukee for Barrett | Wisconsin - WISN Home
Woman slaps Barrett for conceding | Wisconsin - WISN Home
Woman Slaps Barrett For Conceding Video –
Dem Voter Cries Over WI Recall 'Democracy Died Tonight' 'End of USA as We Know It' - YouTube
Schultz On Walker Win: He Could "Be Indicted In The Next Few Days" - YouTube
Ed Schultz's WI Eulogy: If This Is A Template "I Believe It's Some Pretty Damn Scary Stuff" - YouTube
Schultz On Walker Win: He Could "Be Indicted In The Next Few Days" | RealClearPolitics
Liberal MSNBC Host Ed Schultz Breaks Down Over Wisconsin Recall - Business Insider
MSNBC host: Walker ‘could be indicted’ soon
Tom Barrett Makes His Concession Speech - YouTube
Tom Barrett concession speech: Walker recall - YouTube
Gov Scott Walker Recall Election Victory Speech - YouTube
Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Wisconsin A "Dry Run" For Obama | RealClearPolitics
Paul Begala: "The President Should Have Been Out There" | RealClearPolitics
Dean: Walker Win "Beginning Of The Undermining Of American Democracy" | RealClearPolitics


Barbara said...

It is great to see Gov. Walker be reaffirmed in Wisconsin. The unions intimidation tactics didn't succeed. Could you imagine what union thugs could do with CARD CHECK in both the public and private sector?

Brian(Robot) said...

On Blacks and queer "marriage":

After Proposition 8 passed, with a vast majority of blacks voting in favor of it, there was an article from some pro-homo writer who said blacks opposed queer "marriage" because we are ignorant.

Of course, he didn't directly say that, the title of the article (I don't remember the exact title)said something to the effect that blacks were opposed to homo "marriage" because they had less money to attend college.

I suppose to a pro-homo liberal, if only more black could attend college, they could be indoctrinated onto accepting homosexuality as "normal".