Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Michelle Obama scolds Olympian Gabby Douglas on Leno
Obama's vision: An America In Which Prosperity Is Shared
Debbie Wasserman Schultz throttled by Wolf Blitzer on Ryan Medicare claim
Show No. 137-2012

• Energy related 'flex alerts' in California
• School starts earlier now: Fire up the air conditioners
• Disneyland employee suing over wearing her hijab
• Michelle Obama scolds Olympian Gabby Douglas on Leno

• Ever wonder where Matt Drudge came from? Try nowhere
• Dick Morris talks about Paul Ryan, his budge and Medicare
• Debbie Wasserman Schultz throttled by Wolf Blitzer
• Soledad O'Brien thrashed by John Sununu
• Biden: Republicans will put people back in chains
• Obama's vision: An America In Which Prosperity Is Shared

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Olympus Dawn said...

My God what double standards!

Allen West and many other prominent republicans have been calling democrats modern "Slave owners" and similar rhetoric (more direct and inflammatory than what the Vice President said) for years now!
Now conservatives are all of a sudden up in arms about it ?

Wow..Just wow.
The hypocrisy.
It Wreaks.
(and it's just plain dishonest)

Olympus Dawn said...

Another bit of mass hypocrisy among your crowd:

Conservatives all over the internet lambasted liberals in general recently, saying they were trying to hurt a good business and drawn out the free speech of Mr. Chic Fil A (cathys) (They weren't even talking about the ignorant mayors in particular)

Well, Let's have a little memory refresher ...

The Dixie Chicks (which is a business in itself) spoke ill of Bush and got shredded by conservatives. All sorts of ill words and threats sent to the chicks by conservatives. (hear of any threats sent to Chic Fil A?) -- Plus they were boycotted and records publicly destroyed. They were also black listed -- effectively stunting the careers of these wonderfully beautiful and talented ladies. Yes, conservatives - The mighty standard bearers of free speech.

Modern American christian conservatives make me absolutely SICK to my stomach. I've seen so many underhanded and shady things from "your side" over the years!
Shady things from both sides of the Aisle has made me lose a lot of faith in the American people. Bunch of spoiled rotten , self righteous brats! Pathologically cruel and dishonest to boot!

Does the left try to ruin some musicians career over unsavory political speech?

Well Megadeath singer Dave Mustaign has been spreading rumors that Obama is responsible for all the mass shootings this year. (In addition to his birther stuff)

Do you see any big boycott forming or calls to silence him?

NO. The rest of the country has come to expect this type of insanity from conservatives any more. We're like whatever -- Spoiled children.

Jz said...

I think it has more to do with unAmerican rhetoric than it does simple freedom of speech. One is not protected from the consequences of speaking out, of course. If conservatives don't want to buy Dixie Chicks music, fine. If homosexuals don't want to eat chicken sandwiches, great.