Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Debra JM Smith answers yesterday's abortion phone call
Mitt Romney's speech in Israel: Any wonder why libs are so desperate?
Bonus Audio: Brannon Howse breaks down Glenn Beck's rally
Show No. 132-2012


• Mitt Romney's great speech in Israel
• Any wonder why Democrats are so desperate?
• Debra JM Smith answers yesterday's abortion phone call
• Chick Fil A update: Activists and elected officials rage

• Brannon Howse breaks down Glenn Beck's Dallas rally (56 minutes)


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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
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Worldview Weekend Tube & Radio: Glenn Beck's Restoring Love Rally


Barbara said...

About the second hour - I know so little about theology, I'm not going to touch this with a ten foot pole. OK - maybe with a 9 foot pole. I have a rudimentary and sympathetic understanding of why Christians see LDS as a cult.

Having said that, there are those of us out there, who appreciatiate Glenn Beck, not in a religious way, but rather for his understanding of geopolitical trends and history. It is amusing to see those who ridiculed his warnings as those of a "crazy person", now fear his growing influence. Years ago, warnings of a muscular, expansionist Islam - terrorism at home - economic / financial spasms - a strong Marxist domestic threat including Social Justice contamination of faith - racial stresses -open, undefended borders - amnesty by Progressives - rolling revolutions through the Muslim world made possible by the Progressive State Department, etc., etc. (I've left out so many)

Now, people must look around and realize that they were too busy MOCKING, to appreciate Mr. Beck's geopolitical / financial / military / former intelligence agents and Stratfor GUEST'S dire warnings. There were those brave patriots who were laughed at years ago, whose frantic warnings are coming true. Perhaps, some people like myself, with family memory, saw and took these warnings to heart. People in North America feel IMMUNE to great upheavels. It is an ARROGANCE that can lead to disaster.

Barbara said...

Sorry about this - a couple more small points from the second hour:

The Black Robed Regiment is a term from the American Revolution. From my memory of studying American history (in Alberta many decades ago), the influence of clergy and The First Great Awakening, helped produce leaders and citizens capable of a successful revolution. The term did not originate with Glenn Beck. He is trying to learn lessons from the founding.

Secondly, clergy who took a dangerous stand against political power - Glenn used the example of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer was not alone, but the political movement (Hitler and the NAZI Party) had gained too much strength - many of the clergy who wanted to speak up, kept their heads down out of fear. I believe the moral of that story is to join together now, not when it is too late. Learn from recent historical examples. "We are all Catholics now" is a rallying cry to stand up to a Socialist Executive (President Obama), who is more than willing to pick off religions and religious liberty - ONE BY ONE. You will have a better chance fighting Marxism now....together.

Jz said...

Thank you for the comments. While I do agree that on issues of religious freedom we who are religious must stand together, that was not the flavor of Beck's rally - to me anyway. There was quite too much talk of 'world' liberty and the 'world' waking up; and this rally in particular did talk a whole lot about God. If we don't have the same god, it doesn't help anyone.

Debra J.M. Smith said...

Glenn Beck is not speaking of the God of the bible when he speaks of his god. The Mormon god is a different god than the God of the Bible.

Just as the Catholic Church puts their catechism above the bible, so too the Mormon church puts the Book of Mormon above the bible. --This means that when there is something in their own book that contradicts the bible, they choose their own book over the bible.

As with many Catholics, many Mormons get upset with Christians who put the bible above all other books and do not view them as fellow Christians.

It is like a man having two girl friends, one of whom he puts ahead of the other one. And he expects the family of the girl he puts second to be happy with him and include him in their family because he is dating their girl too.

Think about it...


Oh, and one more quick note:

There is nothing that Glenn Beck has ever reported on that we have not heard elsewhere. --Even his doomsday reporting has all been done before.

Barbara said...

A "RALLY" is one thing. GBTV and radio is another. Restoring Love was the third event. Restoring Honor (Washington, D.C.) - Restoring Courage (Israel) Restoring Love (Texas). If that is all you take notice of, you will get a distorted view.

Also, I for one wasn't talking doomsday - The Day of the Last Judgment (for goodness sake). My concern is for the world we leave to our children and grandchildren.

From stories I grew up on, it might seem like doomsday, but it won't be. The world goes on. Political and economic systems - warnings about worldwide trends and the threat to liberty - is why I appreciate Glenn Beck. Dismissing everything someone says, because of their faith, seems a bit extreme. You wouldn't want the same to be done to you. Neither would I.