Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Polls say one thing, but I think Dick Morris is right: A Romney Rout
Michael Stollaire: Online voting and secure server technology
Chicago election judge checks in voters while wearing an Obama cap
Show No. 172-2012

• Polls say one thing, but my brain and my heart disagree
• Dick Morris makes the case for a Romney landslide
• New Black Panthers are out poll watching
• Limbaugh: 2012 should be compared to 2010, not 2008
• Voting machines & fraud: Lets go paper or internet voting

• Calibration of voting machines & what about voting online?
• Michael Stollaire: Online voting and secure server technology
• Voting mayhem abounds thanks to liberal democrats
• Huge Obama mural in a Philadelphia polling place
• Chicago election judge checks in voters while wearing an Obama cap
• Reagan inaugural address in 1981 on debt, size of government

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• Hour Two
BREAKING: NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama - Katie Pavlich
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Dr. Who said...

Sorry about your election loss. I'm sure you are feeling quite down about things. Try not to be too cynical. It will all be ok.

Obama 2012.

Jz said...

If putting up with paying fines and taxes up the sphincter to pay for Obamacare is what you mean by ok, yes, it will be ok. If you like energy prices sky rocketing, then it's going to be ok. If you think Benghazi was great, the way four Americans died, awesome, it'll be ok. If you're an American, it's going to be further and further from ok. And if you're not an American, you don't even know anything about the greatness of America before Obama.

Dr. Who said...

You're an over reactive, spoiled rotten and IMMATURE child. Go take your ball home. We don't want you liars to play with us anyway.

By the way, America flatly REJECTED you and your evil tea party.

Allen West = GONE!
Akin = GONE!
Scott Brown = Gone!

You barely kept ANY tea party candidates. Michelle Bachmann held on by a thread.


Dr. Who said...

Conservatives will NEVER EVER have a chance at the presidency again.

Your core constituency is OLDER white men who are dying off. Your opposition , voting against you in record numbers - is young and vital. Young people voted for Obama 2 to 1 over Romney. In 4 years, the number of eligible democrat voters will have skyrocketed while conservatives die off. Latinos and Blacks will also be a larger percentage of votes in the future - more constituencies you have permanently lost with your rabid right wing rhetoric. Thank your Ann Coulters and Rush Limbaughs for your ideologies demise. Aidios Conservatism in America - you are OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Dr. Who said...

There are a lot of people on the far right who buy into the notion that God has his hand in everything, including presidential elections.

Well, That little October surprise - Hurricane 1 week before the election so voters had a chance to compare Obama (democrat handling) of Sandy to Bush's (republican handling) of Katrina. If God has ANYTHING to do with anything that happens on earth, then he would have HAD to have been supporting the democrats to have allowed this to happen. It's plain as day. Jesus was a liberal, God is a democrat, and you are TOAST. America rejects you. You are OUTNUMBERED. The big guy obviously doesn't like you either. That must hurt. All those empty dishonest prayers unanswered! All that wasted time begging for unjust solutions! How does it feel? God just doesn't like a bunch of brown nosing liars. That's all you are. May peace be with you and I pray you actually GROW UP and learn to live with yourselves. Until you grow up and become civil, rational and HONEST human beings, you will be treated as the outcasts that you are. We've had 4 years of your constant belly aching and lying about the president. The next 4 will not go so well for you because you have lost all respect. For now, you no longer are welcome at the table of American discourse. You have no table manners. So tea party, take your ball , go home. Spend some time reflecting about what kind of person you are. Pray to God to give you guidance on how to be a better person. Perhaps he will finally answer a SINGLE prayer of yours if the prayer is focused INWARDS for once! Stop projecting all of your faults on other people via your prayers! It's why God has nothing to do with you -- He does NOT like scapegoaters.

Jz said...

You are more ignorant than anything else. Allen West sunk his own campaign by handing his opposition ammunition to use against him. Allen West's enemy was the rhetoric he spewed - not conservatism, but irrationalism.

Akin was not the tea party choice. You really are stupid. I hate to use that word, but that's what you are. Akin was the choice of DEMOCRATS in Missouri, my ignorant fiend. The tea party choice was Sarah Steelman; democrats did NOT want to face her, crossed party lines in the "open" primary (another cheating tool devised by communists), and that was that.

Scott Brown is a liberal, a true Republican in Name Only, and the reason he lost is that the tea party (or whatever is left of it - most of the effective people have been assimilated into the GOP) did NOT support him.

Ms. Bachmann, and West to a degree, were effected negatively by redistricting ploys that the democrats employed after the census. You jackweeds cheat, lie, steal, lie, finagle, lie, use fraud, lie, whatever you can do. Your day is coming. When Americans find out the truth about Obamacare, there's going to be hell to pay. This is still my country, not yours. Now go enjoy some homosexual sex or whatever it is you like to do.

Jz said...

We'd have to RUN a conservative for a change to prove you wrong - we'll see what happens. The moderates in the GOP are who have been losing, NOT conservatives. Again, your ignorance is astounding.

Young people have been indoctrinated, not educated, and they'll have to see how bad Obama's socialism is before they get it. But they'll get it.

Latinos are as ignorant as you are. Well, I think you're more so, but the point is that Latinos don't think issues through anymore than black voters do. Both groups are very much racist. So you should be proud of the racism you've helped to instill.

Ann Coulter is a moderate, she doesn't matter.

Rush Limbaugh is the most popular talk host in America. Without the media running cover for your communist president, who has more scandals than just about any president in history, Obama would have been toast. The people still didn't know who or what they were voting for. But again, you're too ignorant to realize that.

Jz said...

God's warning was to immoral and indecent folks like you. Obama's reaction was election motivated. The media again failed to point out the truth - the fires in Texas, the floods in Tennessee, the Benghazi assassination - Obama sucks. He has done a terrible job, only the reporters are in the tank for him, and that's the most dangerous thing in America. And you EMBRACE it! Ignoramus.

I have been really strident in not making comparisons with Hitler, but one angle cannot be avoided: Hitler had the media in his back pocket. So does Obama. So when your parents are told they cannot get medical treatment they need by an Obamacare 'death panel', don't come whining to me. I already told you so.

Dr. Who said...

I can tell by your response that your solution to defeat is to just go even more hard right. Your rhetoric confirms it.

Good luck with that! I actually hope you do in a way.

The more hard right you go, the more you'll lose in the future. The culture war will not be won by extreme rhetoric. I was correct predicting the outcome of this election. MARK MY WORDS, a more conservative candidate in 2016 will spell absolute defeat.

Despite the voting demographics in this country moving AWAY (not toward) your side, that's not the only critical flaw in your party's structure. The seeds to Christian conservatism destruction have already been sown by people supposedly on your side. Due in large part to years of dangerous and out of control right wing rhetoric, (thank your idol Rush and many others) Many of the unhinged in your base are crossing over the line in greater numbers. Right wing fear mongering has spawned some VERY dangerous people claiming to be on your side.

You have screamed for 4 years about a black panther at a polling booth across the street from his low income housing, who never actually attacked anyone! Yet in Knoxville, TN a couple years ago - A far right christian conservative went on a shooting spree of a liberal church - using as excuses the same type of knee-jerk hate-rhetroic I have recorded anti Obama far-rightwing nuts saying on conservative blogs for YEARS (I have 100s of these type of threats saved for evidence against your side.) People flying the christian conservative flag *HAVE* KILLED AMERICAN CITIZENS OVER POLITICS! You go out of your way to show a video of a dumb inner city lady because she happened to support Obama, saying that she represents liberals. Well, if so, Jim David Adkisson in Knoxville represents a growing tide of dysfunctional conservatives. Yet your conservative blogs are still talking about the black panther. The key word is black. Your eye is off the ball. You are CLUELESS as to what is really happening in our world. You have tunnel vision.

In all honesty - even though it would bode well for the party I currently support -- I really do hope both sides tone down the hate rhetoric. It's good for democrats as far as elections are concerned if conservatism stays on it's current trajectory but it's VERY bad for America. I'd rather America survive, but as self destructive as many of you are, I have my worries of the damage the unhinged among you might do.

Jz said...

Wrong again, you still don't get it - We haven't gone right yet, stupid. When we go conservative, we always win. ALWAYS. Again, Rush isn't the most popular talk show host for no reason.

The shooter was not right wing Christian. Take a look at Chick Fil A Day and tell me no one is conservative.

You're a fool, but I've told you that before.

Dr. Who said...

Keep up the good work Jimmy.

You're much better than Rush and most of the rest. You are intellectually dishonest but at least you have a history of calling out the idiocy and extremism within your own ranks. I respect that. Rush played flirty little games with unhinged people like the birthers - yet you stood up to the nonsense and called them out. Perhaps your show would start being successful if you ratcheted up the rhetoric. That would be a mistake, however, as you are better off just being yourself.

I don't agree with much you say but
I respect the fact that you stand
up for what you believe in and love your homeland.

Jz said...

I am absolutely intellectually honest 100% of the time.