Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Reacting to the election: No frills, no breaks, no audio clips - just talk
The Senate & House races; Akin was selfish, West's words hurt him
Jimmy Z's election night 2012 quotes: 'And now, God'
Show No. 173-2012


• Reacting to the election: Jimmy Z talking to my listeners
• Angry conservatives on Facebook shocked and distraught
• The Senate & House races; Akin was selfish, West's words hurt him
• Loretta Sanchez out for Jimmy Z via new redistricting
• Jimmy Z quotes from election night 2012: 'And now, God'

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Sam said...

Looks like after all is told, Dems pick up a couple extra senate seats - Making the balance DEM 55, GOP 45

Democrats pick up at LEAST 7 seats in the house - there are 5-6 more uncalled races that are favoring dems.

The Texas house of Reps lost their GOP super majority

Only 4 out of 16 tea party candidates won races.


but I thought you guys out numbered us? At least , as many of you say, you have all the guns. So you have THAT option. The more your side talks about "that option" , the harder your future losses will be in American elections. My advice to you? Go start a new country. This one just ain't yours any longer ;)

We will reject you again and again and again until you treat people with respect.

Dr. Who said...

This kind of rhetoric is why you will lose EVERY single election from here on out. Keep insulting half the country because they don't vote your way. Thats a GREAT way to expand your shrinking base.


GOP are a bunch of RETARDED FOOLS.

Dr. Who said...

Every time people are viciously attacked because of who they vote for, it just solidifies their position for the future. It makes them unreachable. Thank you for giving the democrats a solid and growing base. Thanks to you, the Tide will never turn back in your favor. Your chances are gone for good! Seriously. THANK YOU. You about destroyed the country with the right wing idiots you've put in the White House in the past - Most notably , G. W. B. (or as I like to call him, "Shrub") -- Conservatives ALWAYS put in incompetent and DANGEROUS people into high powered positions. Thank GOD you will NEVER be able to do it again in this country. I predict Texas eventually seceding, probably after 8-12 more years of constantly losing national elections, A few other hard core right-wing states will follow Texas's lead... Conservatives will all flock from all around our former UNION to their new found bible glory land. I hope we can get along with our new country neighbor ...I seriously do. I'm fine with you having your own section of geographic country. However, if you continue your historically violent and imposing ways with your new nation--AT least you conservatives will all be concentrated in one area, to make "correcting" the problem much more efficient.

I don't really want to see your downfall though. Your numbers are no longer a threat to my country via national elections, SO I consider you less of a threat. I sympathize with the pain of your loss - I know how it feels. Bush era got to us too. We were justified in our pain though - Because our country was being tarnished by you. The things you've MADE UP about Obama simply aren't so. You event controversy where it doesn't exist. The electorate can see through conservative dishonesty and they want NOTHING to do with you. Plus, your old time bible thumping values - While some may be entirely JUST and a GOOD WAY TO LIVE, just don't work for the majority of the populace any more. Why not? HYPOCRISY. LIES. ATTACKS. VICIOUSNESS IN POLITICS. DOUBLE STANDARDS. HYPOCRISY. LIES. HYPOCRISY. Can't repeat it enough but people can see how tarnished the religious right has become and just DON'T TRUST YOU ANY MORE! As soon as people even QUESTION YOU, They are viciously attacked. Just read how moderates are treated on far right wing blogs like WND!

The sad thing is, Your bible has some good points and as far as raising a family goes, lays a pretty good framework people can work with to have balance. You can reach BALANCE AND HEALTHY FAMILIES in other ways however. YOURS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO BALANCE, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS and people see this. They are done with the old. Your time has come and gone, sorry.

You have lost your chance via the current GOP status quo. You can STILL turn it around but the way your base has been doing it, just isn't going to cut it any more. How do you think things have gone wrong on YOUR side? You seem to want to blame it on MODERATE republicans! I honestly can't believe you are so BLIND and ignorant to ignore how your base is fractured because of your drive to the hard right!! It's plain as day! Hard right extremism drives away
the moderate voter! If you added all the MODERATES with ALL THE LEFT
in the country, you have a VAST VAST majority. Obama has a LOT of work to do to regain the 10 million
moderates he lost from 2008 ... I believe the political climate and it's ugliness on both sides just turns off a lot of people from wanting to participate in the election process at all. That explains a lot of why vote totals were down a lot this year.