Friday, December 27, 2013



Jesse Jackson: Phil Robertson is like the Rosa Parks bus driver
Best of Jimmy Z 2013: Gabrielle Giffords hypocrisy
The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Liberal Troy goes off on gay rights
• Phil Robertson speaks at Saddleback Church about salvation

Show No. 158-2013

• Opening Monologue: Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty are fine
• Rush Limbaugh says that this might be a tipping point in America
• Jesse Jackson: Phil Robertson is like the Rosa Parks bus driver
• Phil Robertson speaks at Saddleback Church about salvation
• The Jimmy Z Comment Line: Liberal Troy goes off on gay rights

• Slicing and Dicing Troy's comments on homosexuality and God
• Best of Jimmy Z 2013: Gabrielle Giffords hypocrisy
• Interview with Arnold Schwartzenegger: Lousy movie The Last Stand
• Doom and gloom: America is not Germany and Obama is not Hitler
• Bluebloods shooting scene: Tom Selleck takes down a reporter
• Silent media is sheltering Obama from Benghazi, other scandals
• Derek Jeter & Phil Mickelson; Hail to Obama, Lord of the Flies
• 'Revolution' song parody & pompous egomaniac John Kerry

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• Side One
Facebook: National Chick-PHIL-A Day
Politics: A&E suspends Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for agreeing with the Bible | Best of Cain
The Left's Mock Outrage Over What Phil Robertson Said Could be a Tipping Point - The Rush Limbaugh Show
‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Hits Back After Phil Robertson Suspension | NewsBusters
Jesse Jackson: Phil Robertson 'more offensive' than Rosa Parks driver | Fox News
WATCH the Duck Commander talk about why this country needs a lot more Jesus » The Right Scoop -
Phil Robertson supporters host “Chick-Phil-A Day”
Duck Hunt: Biblical Scholar Schools CNN's Piers Morgan on Jesus and Homosexuality
Evangelical church’s ugly truth: “Duck Dynasty” and Christian racists -
• Side Two
When was the first government established
Judge Orders Christian Cake-Maker To Serve Homos (Pt. 1 of 3): Jimmy Z - YouTube
Judge Orders Christian Cake-Maker To Serve Homos (Pt. 2 of 3): Jimmy Z - YouTube
Judge Orders Cake-Maker To Serve Homos: SOLUTIONS! (Pt. 3 of 3): Jimmy Z - YouTube
The Hypocrisy of Gabrielle Giffords, Gun Control Advocate :: Jimmy Z - YouTube
Jimmy Z: Interview With Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Last Stand) - YouTube
Germany & Hitler: Why It Will Not Happen Here :: Jimmy Z - YouTube
Bluebloods Cop Shooting Press Conference Scene :: Jimmy Z - YouTube
Silent Media Shelters Obama On Benghazi and Fast & Furious :: Jimmy Z - YouTube
Derek Jeter On Global Warming, Phil Mickelson On Taxes :: Jimmy Z - YouTube
Barack Obama: Hail To The Lord of The Flies - YouTube
Unloaded Guns Kill? Revolution (Beatles) Song Parody :: Jimmy Z - YouTube
John Kerry Hearing: "Obama's Vision For The World" :: Jimmy Z - YouTube


Bruce O'Hara said...

Hey Jimmy, I like your show. I get a little pissed when you let your anti-Catholic bigotry shine through, but I accept that. Gotta tell you though, I listen for some intelligent analysis, which you supply...but when I hear those rude effing BURPS I turn your show off. If I want to listen to 14 yr olds, I'll find some on YouTube.
Bruce O'Hara

Jz said...

It's only one burp I use, just the one, and I'll try to reign it in. As to Catholicism, I've had a few run ins with Catholics who tell me that they believe anyone outside of the Catholic church is not Christian. So that kind of bothered me, and then this new Pope has said some things that I don't like all that much either. But I don't hate Catholics. And to use a tired old cliche (but it's true), "some of my best friends are Catholics."

Bruce O'Hara said...

Haaaaa!!! Yeah, some are my best friends too :-)
If I were a good non-Catholic Christian, and I was told only Catholics are going to Heaven, I'd feel sorry for the ignorance of that person.
The new Pope has me worried too. It seems the whole is Left...
Good job on the Kwanza issue!
I'm enjoying Fridays show now.
Thanks for your courteously worded reply, and please forgive my partially rude first comment written in anger over burps :-)

Jz said...

I understand your criticism. For me, burps have been funny since I was a kid, and I was never offended by them. But I know that some people feel the opposite way.

Doc Winterday said...

Only conservatives get their panties up in a bunch over petty things like "Phil Robertson" and burps. it's like they are miserable unless they have something to be outraged over.

Jz said...

Well the issue is bigger than one man, but that flew over your head of course.

But then, it was PRO GAY LIBERALS who got angry with Phil in the first place! Haha.

Mary B said...

I love you and your show, Jimmy Z, you're spot on 99% of the time. The other 1% isn't that important.
Ah, if I was just 15 years younger....

Jz said...

You are very kind. Thank you so much for saying so.

Anonymous said...

Troy York again I don't hate Christians anymore than Hindus or other groups. I hate when they use religion to judge others and focus on what they consider sinning. They need to just worry about their own sins including tge judging and hate some spew which might not be tolerated by their God. If you were born India you would likely be a Hindu so basically religion is just a cultural enforcement tactic and Christian and Islam dominate from killing ogg Atheists,Pages,and Jews If there is a superior being it likely not going to have man represent it in silly books and customes like kissing floor or drinking wine in a cup. Money Jimmy Z I know you are smarter than that. Troy York not Troy the liberal