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Insane Melissa Harris-Perry - Babies are only babies if the parents feel it
Polygamy is now going to be the next legal attack on marriage
Barack Obama wins 'Lie of the Year' from the Politifact website
• Washington: Accounts raided in debits for Obamacare premiums

Show No. 152-2013

• What made Time Magazine select the Pope as 'Man of the Year?'
• The Pope's seemingly left-leaning views on morality and economics
• Clarity: Why does Pope Francis have such a hard time talking?
• Palin said that the Pope seemed a little liberal and backed down
• U2 singer Bono is more of a capitalist than Pope Francis
• Capitalism and the Pope: Rush Limbaugh explains it to him
• Liberals love pushing buttons: Why the Pope is Man of the Year
• Bill Keller talks Catholicism & The Pope: Who Am I To Judge?
• Insane Melissa Harris-Perry - Babies are only so if parents feel it
• Audio: Planned Parenthood lobbyist defends infanticide in testimony
• Harris-Perry audio: The term Obamacare is as bad as the N-word
• Harris-Perry on Zimmerman verdict: It's okay to kill black children

• Polygamy is going to become the next legal attack on marriage
• 'Sister Wives' show on TLC (Palin's channel) promoted polygamy
• Jimmy Z Shows listed in the show notes contain polygamy talk
• Bill Keller predicted in 2012 that polygamy was the next perversion
• Utah governor very concerned about judge's ruling on polygamy law
• Obamacare mayhem: College students are not interested at all
• More Obamacare deadlines delayed by the administration
• Barack Obama wins 'Lie of the Year' from the Politifact website
• Audio: Sharpton & Obamacare website skewered by Sat Night Live
• Doctor closes practice in Kentucky because of Obamacare
• White House forcing insurers to cover people who have not paid
• Washington: Accounts raided in debits for Obamacare premiums
• New polls show that even uninsured people do not support ACA
• Adam Levine is going to work to promote Obamacare to his fans
• Lack of security on Obamacare website breaks federal law
• Georgia and South Carolina about to make Obamacare illegal
• Mary Landreiu wants re-election though she voted for the ACA

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
• Side One
Catholic Church by country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pope Francis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
What The Pope Gets Wrong About Capitalism (Hint: Just About Everything)
Pope Signals Openness to Gay Priests -
Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven - The Independent
Pope Says Church Should Stop Obsessing Over Gays, Abortion - Bloomberg
Is Pope Francis too liberal for Palin? - YouTube
Sarah Palin Apologizes For Remarks On Pope Francis
Pope Francis calls for decentralized Catholic Church in manifesto -
Pope Francis versus capitalism
Rattle and Boom! Bono praises capitalism with boom-worthy quote; Ondrasik: Because, duh | Twitchy
Bono: Only Capitalism Can End Poverty [Video]
Pope Francis shouldn't bite the hand that feeds the Catholic Church |
Pope Francis should embrace capitalism. It creates the wealth that makes charity possible – Telegraph Blogs
Rush Limbaugh responds to the Pope’s attack on Capitalism » The Right Scoop -
It's Sad How Wrong Pope Francis Is (Unless It's a Deliberate Mistranslation By Leftists) - The Rush Limbaugh Show
Rush Limbaugh Criticizes Pope Francis regarding capitalism - YouTube
Pope Francis is Time's Person of the Year - Yahoo News
Pope Francis says Marxist ideology is wrong, reacting to label by critics - NY Daily News
The Pope: "Who Am I To Judge?" - Bill Keller of LivePrayer Responds - YouTube
Bill Keller: Examples of How This Nation has Abandoned God and His Truth -
Prayer Requests and Miracles 24 hours a day! LivePrayer - Bill Keller
When Life Begins Based on Feelings, Not Science, Says MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry - YouTube
Planned Parenthood’s defense of infanticide - Washington Post
What Planned Parenthood Believes - YouTube
SHOCKING Florida Hearing: Woman, Doctor can Kill Infant Survives from Failed Abortion? - YouTube
Politics: Melissa Perry Harris: The word 'ObamaCare' was invented by rich white racists | Best of Cain
Melissa Harris-Perry: Saying "Obamacare" Is Same As Using The N-Word - YouTube
Melissa Harris-Perry: Criminal Justice System Has Said Death Of Black Children "Simply Does Not Matter" | RealClearPolitics
Harris-Perry's Fetal Indifference: What It Costs To Have 'This Thing' Turn Into A Human | NewsBusters The Website of Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
• Side Two
Federal judge declares Utah polygamy law unconstitutional | The Salt Lake Tribune
THE JIMMY Z MONDAY SHOW™ - 8/6/12 - TV clips with the stars of 'Sister Wives'; Bill Keller: Polygamy will be next
THE JIMMY Z THURSDAY SHOW™ - 8/4/12 - Ellen DeGenerate: The Sister Wives Stop By
LivePrayer: Bill Keller: Polygamy will be the Next Perversion of Marriage to be Made Legal
Polygamy Law Challenged by Reality TV Show 'Sister Wives' | Video - ABC News
Utah Gov. Expresses Concern Over Polygamy Ruling - ABC News
Moral Mayhem Multiplied—Now, It’s Polygamy’s Turn –
KETK-TX: ObamaCare Adding Stress And Unwanted Expenses For Texas College Students - YouTube
HHS extends more Obamacare deadlines |
Obama's 'you can keep it' promise wins 'Lie of the Year' |
SNL Sends Up Sharpton on Obamacare | CNS News
Doctor Takes Out Newspaper Ad Stating He Is Closing Practice Due To Obamacare « CBS DC
Government Takeover: White House Forces Obamacare Insurers To Cover Unpaid Patients At A Loss - Forbes
Washington State Exchange Arbitrarily Debiting Personal Bank Accounts For Obamacare Fees | The Gateway Pundit
Some enrollees report erroneous debits by WA Healthplanfinder - YouTube
Maryland health exchange director resigns after questions about vacation - Baltimore Sun
7NEWS - Health care law seen as eroding medical insurance coverage, AP-GfK poll finds - Staying Healthy Story
Half of Uninsured Say Health Law Is Bad Idea - Washington Wire - WSJ
Enrollment Errors Cut, Officials Say; Fixes Are Overstated, Insurers Report
Obamacare Exchanges Claim 258,497 Sign-Ups In November, But No Word On How Many Are Actually Enrolled - Forbes
'Sexiest Man' Adam Levine Reporting for ObamaCare Propaganda Duty
Sexiest Man Alive Embraces Obamacare to Boost Enrollment - Bloomberg
Adam Levine Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth
Obamacare marketplace violates federal security law | The Daily Caller
BREAKING: Georgia Will Introduce Legislation To Nullify Obamacare & Sue The Federal Government | Ben Swann
South Carolina voting on bill to end Obamacare in state | The Daily Caller
Facing re-election, Democrat Mary Landrieu throws Obama under bus - BizPac Review
Sebelius 'Urging' Insurers to Cover People Who Haven't Paid | CNS News

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