Sunday, May 31, 2009


Home Bible studies and your neighbors
John Hagee reviews America's spirit and politics

Show No. 92-2009. Today's program runs just over one hour.

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Opening • San Diego County Bible study news story • Rant: Being considerate of your neighbors • John Hagee Message, Part One • A quick review of the Faith based links on my show page • John Hagee Message, Part Two

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Anonymous said...

I JUST found this site and listened to John Hagee...and to Jimmy Z...WOW! I was born at the beginning of the Second World War and through the years have seen so many changes...some not always for the better. Now that I really have more time to reflect and really am paying more attention, I am really concerned not only for my kids and grandkids but for myself. I find myself speaking up and speaking out against the tyrannical behavior of this government. BUT we were dismissed at the Tax Day Teaparties, are "they" gonna listen any better on the 4th of July? I am only one and there are days when I feel that still not enough is being heard. I tilt at windmills here in my little neighborhood and on occasion feel threatened...have been threatened...I will not stop...I am taking heart via these movements I see popping up everywhere...I want to be a part of helping to save what my family preserve!!