Saturday, May 9, 2009


Ann Coulter's Eulogy for her mother
Planned Parenthood tells 14 year old to lie

Each segment today runs approximately an hour.

Part One • Click HERE to download
Opening • Ann Coulter's Eulogy for her mother • NObama cuts funding for jailing illegals • Barney Frank keeps funding for those indicted for voter fraud • Leftist writer accuses tea party activists of racism • 'Drinking With Bob' rant on what government wants • The continuing destruction of Carrie Prejean • Interview with Perez Hilton replay

Part Two • Click HERE to download
John Lennon's 'Julia' • Hero Mike Monsoor • Notre Dame arrests Alan Keyes • Free cars for the poor • Press corps sits for Bush, stands for NObama • Rush Limbaugh: Conservatives have their moment coming • Tennessee Planned Parenthood instructs 14 year old to lie • Dept. of Defense shuts down sales of brass ammo shells • SonlitKnight on Mother Mary

Show notes and links

• Ann Coulter's eulogy for her mother HERE
• NObama cuts aid for jailing illegals HERE
• Barney Frank fights to keep funding those indicted for voter fraud HERE
• Left wing writer calls tea party participants racists HERE
• Drinking with Bob rant HERE
• Destruction of Carrie Prejean HERE and HERE
• Info on 'Julia' by John Lennon HERE
• Snopes: Hero Mike Monsoor HERE
• Free cars for welfare recipients HERE
• Press corps sit for Bush, stand for NObama HERE
• Limbaugh on the Conservative Opportunity HERE
• Tennessee Planned Parenthood tells 14 year old to lie HERE, HERE and HERE
• Alan Keyes arrested at Notre Dame HERE
• Video of Alan Keyes at Notre Dame HERE
• Dept of Defense refuses to sell spent ammo shells HERE

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