Wednesday, May 13, 2009


NObama/Waxman pushing $3,100 annual
tax on American families

Miss California delivers a great speech

Today's program runs approximately one hour.

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Opening • Coffee & the lack thereof • The Coffee Song, Frank Sinatra • NObama and Waxman pushing $3,100 per family tax • Mr. Transparency-pants strikes again • 7 million lost jobs • Job losses, rising unemployment • Miss California, Carrie Prejean and her right of FREE SPEECH • Rewind: Carrie's answer & Perez Hilton's hissy fit in response • Audio: NObama and Miss California define marriage • Audio: Carrie Prejean's speech on 12 May • Audio: ZoNation on RINOs in the Republican Party • Audio: ZoNation on abortion, black babies, and Democrats • Retail sales drop 'unexpectedly' • Rewind: Tim Geithner on constraining risk and preventing an economic boom • Round up: NObama is not helping the economy recover

Show notes and links:
• NObama and Waxman push for $3,100 tax per family HERE
• Miss California delivers a great speech HERE
• ZoNation videos HERE and HERE
• Rising unemployment cuts into NObama's job growth HERE
• Retail sales drop unexpectedly in April HERE

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