Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Govt workers immune from red light citations
Arizona passes toughest immigration law in the US

Show No. 076-2010

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Opening • Another vulgar bit on Saturday Night Live • Audio: Ted Nugent on gun rights and democrats • Audio: Disturbed homosexual rant on Youtube • Jewish voters are not happy with Obama • Government employees in CA immune from red light tickets! • Audio: Obama heckled by homosexuals in CA • Arizona passes toughest anti-illegal immigration law in the US •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Ben Vitale, Over the course of the last year • Michael Stollaire's answers to Song of Truth Q & A • Audio: Arianna Huffington on Al Jazzera • South Park creators threatened with death by Muslims • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on The Clintons' terror pardons • Music: 'I Only Just Sigh', Jimmy Z •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
SNL: Screen shot of poster from short film 17 April (WARNING: Vulgar)
YouTube: Ted Nugent on police, gun control and democrats
YouTube: Chris Crocker, Hateful Christians
McLaughlin Online: Jewish voters not happy with Obama
News 10: Loophole allows government workers to avoid tickets
YouTube: Obama loses his cool for 1.5 seconds
Reuters: Arizona passes tough illegal immigration law
CNS News: Arizona Sheriff says cops are being killed by illegals
Facebook: Ben Vitale, Over the course of the last year
Stollaire for Congress: The Song of Truth vetting Q & A
YouTube: Interview, Arianna Huffington on US healthcare reform
Yid with Lid: Islamist website threatens South Park creators with death
WSJ: The Clintons' terrorist pardons

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