Wednesday, April 14, 2010


GOP fundraiser & boyfriend beaten in New Orleans
Foes of the tea party make plans to infiltrate
Army brigade to be deployed here at home

Show No. 073-2010

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Opening • Introduction • Obama science 'czar' says the US can't expect to be number 1 forever • New Arizona anti-illegal immigration bill • GOP activist and boyfriend beaten in New Orleans • Reports of the two wearing Palin pins were wrong • Comments at Worth Reading • Rant: We need to keep our heads • Audio: Rush Limbaugh caller talks about the student loans relationship with Obamacare law • Review: Fidel Castro was delighted with Obama's success • Review & Audio: The black democrat Congresspeople who visited Castro • Have your camcorders ready at the rallies

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Barney Frank and Steny Hoyer busy pursuing pro-homosexual, pro transsexual law • Obama's nuclear summit meets in secret • Tea Party opponents intend to infiltrate and dismantle the movement • Oklahoma tea partiers begin work to organize a militia with law makers • Army brigade to be deployed in October • Rant: Name your radio talk source! • Comments at Worth Reading: Talk of martial law • Rant: How we behave at these rallies is the key • Rant: We are the media now • Irresponsible reporting on the internet • Jerry Brown to investigate Palin speech at a CA university • Audio: Interview on MSNBC with Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Newsvine: Obama science 'czar', US can't expect to be number one forever
Breitbart: WH science czar: US can't expect to be number 1 in everything indefinitely
LA Times: Arizona passes strict illegal immigration act
WSJ: Arizona clears strict immigration bill
Worth Reading: GOP official and boyfriend savagely attacked for wearing Palin pins
Hot Air: Jindal staffers beaten in New Orleans during SRLC
Rush Limbaugh: Learning the student loan lesson
LA Times Blogs: Fidel Castro asks 'How can we help President Obama?'
YouTube: Communist stooges visit Fidel Castro in Cuba
YouTube: House members: Fidel Castro 'very energetic'
YouTube: Rush Limbaugh - black caucus visits Cuba
Worth Reading: Barney Frank and Steny Hoyer should be ASHAMED!
Washington Post: Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit
Breitbart: Foes of tea party movement to infiltrate rallies
AP: Oklahoma tea parties and lawmakers envision militia
Examiner: Special army unit to be deployed on American soil just before mid term elections
Army Times: Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1
Chron: California to investigate group behind Palin speech
Real Clear Politics: Governor Christie answers criticism


Cain said...

Emanuel Cleaver, Bobby Rush, Barbara Lee and laura Richardson are also members of the Congressional Progressive Causus


Cain said...

I think the Lyndon LaRouche goofballs should also be watched out for at tea party events.