Wednesday, April 21, 2010


After-birth abortion is legal in the US
Obama seeks to take over the banks

Show No. 077-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • American Idol charity supports pro- abortion groups • Stanford running back (Toby, not Tony) Gerhart would be picked during the first round - if he was black • Ash cloud from volcano preferable to air travel according to eco-nazis • What if an Idol contestant left the show because of support of pro- abortion groups? • Young mother stabs her newborn baby to death in Fullerton, CA • What could possibly have gone wrong? • After birth abortion • It's legal to kill a baby after birth in Virginia • White House moves media away from gay protesters in DC • Audio: ScottD thanks Mr. Obama • The despicable religious lies of Oprah Winfrey

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Reading: Why is God a 'jealous' God? What Oprah can't understand • Audio: Ed Schultz goes bonkers again; Obama couldn't have been any more transparent • Sexually confused youths coddled in Maine • GOP seeks SEC documents • Dick Morris on the Obama plan to take over financial regulation • Republicans lead the Generic Ballot • Reading: Examples of Tea Party movement abuses and abusers • Obamacare addresses 'mal- distribution of wealth' • Coming up: Sarah Palin's reality TV show • Boehner says GOP will refuse to fund Obamacare • Obama dares the GOP to repeal Obamacare •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Christian News Wire: Idol Gives Back -- to pro-abortion groups
Yahoo Sports: Race factors into evaluation of Gerhart
AlertNet: Green groups point to ash cloud silver lining
My Fox LA: Mom allegedly stabbed newborn to death
US Politics Online: After birth abortion
News Advance: Mother won't be charged in newborn baby's death
LA Times Blogs: Fullerton teen allegedly stabs her newborn to death
The Politico: Most transparent White House ever
YouTube: White House closes Lafayette Park due to DADT protest
Breitbart: Gay rights protesters handcuff themselves to WH fence
YouTube: ScottyD, Thank you Mr. President
YouTube: One World Church and Oprah Winfrey: Church of the Beast
Got Questions: Why is God a 'jealous' God?
YouTube: MSNBC's Ed Schultz has psychotic incident with caller
WND: What's next? Transgender showers for kids
Fox News: Maine commission shelves move to ban gender specific bathrooms
The Politico: GOP seeks SEC records on Goldman
Dick Morris: A blueprint for coersion
Rasmussen: Generic Congressional Ballot
Think Progress: Profiteering in the Tea Party
Fox News: Dem Senator: Obamacare law to address 'mal-distribution' of income
Washington Post: Sarah Palin's coming reality TV series
The Hill: Boehner says GOP majority would refuse to fund Obamacare
Reuters: Obama dares Republicans to seek Obamacare repeal

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