Monday, March 26, 2007

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Sean Penn preaching to the
Bush-hating crowd in Oakland

This is the Hollywood King of the Moore/Soros Moonbats in action

You've probably heard this nasty traitor in bits and pieces, but you have to hear him go on and on for a time to get the real depth of his hatred. The most amazing thing, you'll notice, is that he points to Bush and Cheney, and calls THEM hateful! Holy rat-infested brain, Batman!

Penn is SO anti-American, he thinks that his little tours of Iraq and Iran, hanging out with America's enemies and swallowing everything they tell him and present to him gives him a real view of what is going on there! He believes them! It is almost unfathomable; even a guy who has lived a charmed life in Hollywood and made busloads of money must know something of the truth, right? RIGHT?

Nope, not Mr. Penn, who is quite honestly SCARY-stupid. His vitriol is nasty, bitter and spiteful. He carries on again with their claims that Bush lied (He did not, we can prove it: Click HERE if you want the truth that Mr. Penn obviously has no time for) and a litany of personal insults. When in doubt, call names, right Mr. Penn?

The audience of course is filled with the same 'church going' inner city doofi that call out, "tell it!" and carry on as if Penn were giving them the hate rally they haven't been able to get from their local politicians already.

Note that Mr. Penn refers to our military as 'just the children of the poor minorities.' What a nasty and miserable insult to our brave men and women. Penn is saying, these are people with NO choice, no other option. They can only join the military, as if it were their last resort.

Note also that Sean actually believes Iran has yet to develop real hatred for the west. This is laughable! Iran seeks to wipe Israel off the map and yearns for a day where there would be no United States. Where has Spicoli been all this time? And why isn't Speilberg on the phone with him, explaining what would happen to Israel if Iran gets the nuclear weaponry they want so badly?

Bottom line, kids: Penn is a traitor; he is America's adversary. We have hoped and continue to hope that one night, out in Hollywood at one of the clubs we like to frequent, Penn and his entourage show up. We would like to give him an opportunity to show off his lack of anger management skills again. Our guess is that when confronted, and not surrounded by a room full of other like-minded ignorant fools, Mr. Penn is a full-tilt yellow-bellied coward.

Once again, you should have a barf-bag at the ready - sorry we keep doing that to you. We did insert some Penn-isms to lighten the load! *S*

Click HERE to listen to Penn ignore the threat of Islamo-Fascism and display god-awful amounts of pure ignorance.

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A NEWT ONE said...

He sounded more intelligent as Jeff spicoli