Thursday, March 29, 2007


. . . and nails a college professor

I love this story - some knucklehead college professor (teaching a computer class!) professed his desire to hang President Bush, and a disgusted student called Rush Limbaugh to talk about what he might do. Though Rush gave him some suggestions, Rush also told the student that he would not have to do anything - that the Secret Service was probably already on it because they listen to his show. Sure enough, the Secret Service called Limbaugh and the kid, and no doubt either have had or will have a little talk with the stupid moonbat leftwing computer professor. Dig:

RUSH TRANSCRIPT: Do you remember the call we got on Tuesday from Ron in Port Huron, Michigan? This was the student at a university or college there whose computer class professor said to him that if he had the power he would assassinate or kill President Bush, and Ron wanted to know what I thought he should do about it. I said, "Well, first thing is you're not going to have to do much because you're going to be hearing from the Secret Service." When the Secret Service hears about stuff like this, they're very interested. But we went on to discuss it and he was going to write a letter to the dean and say, "Look, this is not what I paid tuition to come here for, and this is reflecting poorly on the school," and I urged him to copy the professor as well. I got this note from him last night.

Dear Rush,

I just got on my friend's computer. (She's a 24/7 member. I'm soon going to be.) I spoke with you on Tuesday about my instructor. Needless to say, the Secret Service met with me today. I don't think my professor will be professing his beliefs anymore. [Little smiley signal here] Thank you so much for your time yesterday. You really are a strong influence in my life.


If you have any questions about anything, please contact me.

He gives me his number here to get a hold of him. So I knew this was going to happen. The Secret Service got hold of him. There's a reason I knew it was going to happen is because they called us, and they wanted a tape of the segment and so forth. I know they're out there monitoring this program. It has a lot of big fans out there in the Secret Service. I don't know anything more than that. But I just know the Secret Service does not take this stuff lightly.

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