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The lies and nasty rhetoric that come from a moonbat with a column

(Stay tuned: we'll be recording a webcast analyzing this vile little column in the next day or two.)

Discussing an ugly war on a lovely day
Steve Lopez
March 30, 2007

We sat under a tree in Patrick Briggs' frontyard in Pasadena on Thursday, next to a row of pansies, on a spring day so lovely it seemed strange to talk about war.

It's called hateful obsession, Steve. Note here, readers of Jimmy Z's EXTRA: Lopez and Briggs are blowing a perfectly beautiful day making themselves miserable. They can't enjoy the lovely weather - hell no! "Let's talk about how we hate Bush and all that!"

"Yeah, and how he lied and stuff!"

"Yeah! Heh-heh! And how war is bad and stuff!" They just couldn't wait to be miserable. That's what leftwingers do - they like to be angry and miserable.

"It's like the 'The Americanization of Emily,' " said Briggs, recalling a character in the 1964 movie who was living the good life while others died in World War II.

I had heard about the small antiwar rallies Briggs occasionally stages at Hill and Orange Grove and stopped by to meet him. He's the guy who had a run-in with Pasadena City Hall in 2004, when officials ordered him to take down a banner hanging over his front door because it was too big.

It said: "War Starts With W. Bush Lied; People Died."

This cracks me up. This nasty, ignorant old fool with his meaningless, dishonest bombast - "Bush Lied, People Died" - is the best he can do? We're fighting a war for the very existence of freedom in the world, and this Briggs twit boils his political view into a bumper sticker-ism of such trite proportion? A lowest-common denominator thinker on the left; that's a big surprise.

Briggs: Look pal, there was no LIE. You're the one LYING. Read THIS, and tell me how you are going to go about refuting it. You too, Lopez. Read it and refute it. I freakin' DARE you. You won't though - you are all too comfortable, relaxing behind your desk at the Lost Angeles Times, hiding out with the moonbat, leftwing mass media, pushing your poison while the world faces the very real danger of Islamo-Fascism - you braindead fools. Holy mackerel.

Briggs, a database analyst, sued the city and won. These days, though, he and his wife, Maddie Gavel, who writes advertising copy, have a different sign up. This one says:

"Those Who Exchange Freedom for Security Deserve Neither and Ultimately Lose Both."

Ah, the perfect anti-American couple, Patrick and Maddie, with another sign now, advertising their idiocy for all the world to see. If we don't fight the war; if we don't WIN this war, there won't be any freedom to worry about. Don't these two realize they'd be among the first cretins to have their heads chopped off?

I can see them now: "Oh, we are all about live and let live, Mr. Muslim. You don't have to worry about us." *CHOP! . . . CHOP!*

Not much subtlety there, but the disaster in Iraq and continued bickering in Washington cry out for blunt declarations.

Disaster? As the President's plan is showing real signs of progress, you dare to tell your readers it's all a disaster? This is blatant lying. This is the best you can do, with your anti-war view, is to lie? And YOU are best the Times can find to write a column? Bah! You're a phoney, Lopez!

Briggs has spoken out against the war from the beginning, a voice of reason amid the cheerleading from Washington and the mainstream media.

Hmmm... voice of reason? If all he's got is "Bush Lied People Died" then he's not very reasonable; hell, he's not even a voice of truth.

Briggs, a member of All Saints Church, attended large rallies in the war's early days, but he didn't appreciate the extremists who insisted the U.S. was evil and other countries could do no wrong. "That's no different from what Bush does," he says.

Though he aggressively opposed the war, Briggs recognized the complexities of history in the Middle East. He wanted to rally for economic and diplomatic leadership, not tribunals.

Briggs should get his ass OVER THERE and start this dialog with the terrorists. That's gonna work. *L*

He said it doesn't matter whether 200 people or only five show up at the rallies he helps organize. In the time he's been out there, the tide has turned, with polls showing that six out of 10 Americans favor a pullout from Iraq by next year.

Thanks to dishonest reporting by this Lost Angeles Times and the rest of the mainstream leftwing media. The fact is, and this is an undeniable fact - if the US begins succeeding and moving FORWARD (something you and the democrats in DC cannot allow to happen!), America's citizens WILL BE behind the President. No question about it.

I told Briggs that one of the things I'm angriest about [Your very first big mistake, Lopez, is getting emotional about an issue like this war. Your anger serves no purpose.] is that staying in Iraq guarantees continued carnage, and leaving could mean even more. It would be hard to walk away from a mess we created by having gone it alone when trusted allies and common sense warned against.

Lopez: You should be thankful that the 'carnage' is as little as it is. You should be on your knees thanking God that the numbers of dead are so minimal - not tolerable, minimal. Get it right, don't lie about what I've said when and if you respond.

"It's a hard thing to do," Briggs said, "but it's hard to ask our troops to continue to get killed."

Briggs: You know nothing of our troops. You are disgusting! You act as if the troops are going unwillingly. You have no idea do you! Amazing! You pipe up with such horrible ignorance! Our troops are willing. Our troops are only dismayed by the American left, who does not want to let our troops do what they are there to do - WIN THE *!@?*! WAR!

To my readers, the following is not Briggs, but Lopez; you can hear the echos within his empty head as he writes this kind of hateful copy for his mindless column:

What's even harder is to hear Bush talk about honoring our troops, as he frequently does, or to suggest that others do not. No one has done greater dishonor to our troops than President Bush, who didn't hesitate to send soldiers into battle without a clear signal to them or the American public as to the reason. Now he's threatening to veto a bill passed by the Senate on Thursday that ties war funding to a commitment to withdraw troops by 2008.

As well he should - if for nothing else but all of the democrat pork added to it in order to get enough votes to pass it. You are quite nearly completely ignorant!

We know that critics of the administration have been smeared, that soldiers have been asked to risk their lives without benefit of the best armor available, that wounded soldiers have come home to scandalously inadequate medical facilities. And yet, here was Bush on Wednesday: "If Congress fails to pass a bill to fund our troops on the front lines, the American people will know who to hold responsible."

Which is totally, completely and 100% correct. The American people need to know that you have been LYING all this time, and that we need to win this war. We must win this war, we have no choice.

Yes, Patrick Briggs told me, he too had bristled at that quote.

A warm breeze kicked through the camphor trees and stone pines at Loma Vista and Hamilton. In Iraq, the death toll topped 130 on Thursday, one of the deadliest days in years.

I hope W continues to make mind-numbed left-bots like Briggs bristle. I looked up Briggs on the internet; I googled he and his goofy Maddie and found out that they are not at all the middle of the roaders that Lopez would like you to believe. They're involved in far left anti-war anti-American activity. They are the haters in this little passion play. Briggs and his wife are active within Pasadena Progressives, a far left anti-Bush (it all comes down to hating the President for these people) group who get together and watch leftist movies and talk about how evil America is.

What a disgusting group of 'Americans.' This is yet another reason I ended my subscription to the Lost Angeles Times a decade ago.

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