Sunday, March 25, 2007


You're going to hate this

We are posting this, though we do not want to go to bed angry so we are not watching it tonight. Drudge talked about it - You Americans out there, you patriots: pass this around. Make sure everyone knows that these people represent the left in this country.

This was going on not in the middle east, but in Portand, Oregon. Holy cow.

These people represent the democrats; these people, these 'anarchist' wipers represent what Pelosi and Murtha think. These people hate America. These people are the scum of the earth; they are losers and they are non-productive excrement.

We recall a radio fellow here in Lost Angeles, Doug McIntyre, who was talking one morning about these anarchist losers. "Why don't we just run up to some of the anarchists as they are getting into their cars, and take a baseball bat to the windshield, the headlights, the sides of the car... 'Anarchy! Right on! I'm with you buddy!' "

Watch with a barf bag near by:

2 -

Down under goes over the moon

Wow, it must be bad - the globe is going to be cooling finally as those willing to volunteer and be a part of this one hour black out shut down everything for an hour. We wish we lived there; we'd be burning every light, every appliance, everything electric we could think of - and then some.

"Australia's largest city will be plunged into darkness for an hour on Saturday in a world first blackout to raise awareness of global warming.

"The lights will go out in landmark headquarters buildings in Sydney's central business district, on the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House, and in tens of thousands of suburban homes.

"If the switch-off is successful then it could be copied by major cities around the world in a symbolic drive to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions blamed for climate change, according to international conservation group WWF.

"Earth Hour", which begins at 7:30pm Sydney time (9:30am GMT) on March 31, has been planned for 10 months by WWF in partnership with the city authorities, businesses and a major newspaper group."

Impressive? No, you say? We agree. Read the source; click HERE.
And this page gives you the low down on the hooey-kaflooey, right HERE.

3 -
Australian Muslims endorse
controversial cleric al-Hilali

Published: Monday, 26 March, 2007, 08:46 AM Doha Time

SYDNEY: A Muslim cleric who whipped up a storm last year when he told his Sydney flock that women who don’t wear the veil invite rape * has been endorsed as the supreme leader of Australia’s 300,000 Muslims. Clerics from around the country meeting in Sydney decided Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, 67, should keep the post of Mufti of Australia that he has held since 1988.

Prime Minister John Howard last year urged Muslims to dump al-Hilali, as did New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma. Earlier this year al-Hilali raised the ire of Australians when he said Muslim migrants had a greater entitlement to the country than those who arrived at the time of colonial settlement.

“We came as free people, we bought our own tickets, we are entitled to Australia more than they are,” al-Hilali told a television station in his native Egypt. Howard called on Muslims to show a willingness to join the mainstream by ditching their controversial leader.

MUCH more to this story; Click HERE.

We have to ask - Is Australia doomed to a future of Islamo-Fascism? Or, here is another even better question: Haven't we been told that the majority of Muslims are peace loving and don't buy into the 'radical' side of Muslemming?

* And we ask yet another question: Where's the National Organization for (I don't know what kind of) Women on this one? Don't hold your collective breath, campers!

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