Friday, April 3, 2009


'American Soldier' released Tuesday
NObama wants to search your computer

Each segment today runs approximately 30 minutes.

Part One • Click HERE
Opening sequence • Queensryche's new album 'American Soldier' • Audio: Geoff Tate's greetings to soldiers • Audio: Music news reports on inspiration for 'American Soldier' • Reuters: Queensryche reaches out to soldiers with new album • Lyrics: 'If I Were King' • Queenryche's 'If I Were King' • Closing thoughts

Part Two • Click HERE
Audio: NObama speaking in France on Afghanistan • NObama approval index down to +3 • The New World Order, Audio: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown • Audio: Dick Morris & Sean Hannity talk about International Monetary Fund • Rant: Will Americans fight? • Audio: News report on NObama's plan to search PCs, laptops and media devices • Rant: Copyright, creative content and paying for it • The Red Envelope Project

Show notes & linkaronis:
• Geoff Tate Interview HERE
• Reuters on Queensryche album HERE
• Queensryche on myspace HERE
• Complete lyrics to 'American Soldier' HERE
• NObama speaking on fighting in Afghanistan HERE
• Rasmussen Presidential daily tracking poll HERE
• Gordon Brown on 'new world order' HERE
• Dick Morris on Hannity HERE
• NObama secretly planning to search PCs, laptops, media devices HERE
• The Red Envelope Project HERE

By the way, here's the latest information on the Red Letter Project's website:
"Due to a pair of cease-and-desist letters and an apparent trademark on "Red
Envelope" the Red Envelope Project will be shutting down in the coming days.
Please use any of the links on the left to continue following and supporting the
pro-life movement. I'm also working on another site called (If We
Are The Body) to assist in encouraging the Body of Christ to get to work.
Please feel free to Contact Me if you want to help out or have any comments
or suggestions to offer."

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