Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wayne LePierre of the NRA defends
the 2nd amendment

NObama's 100 days, 100 blunders

Each segment runs approximately one hour.

Part One • Click HERE
to download
Opening sequence • Salutations • Email items • Letter from an outraged PhD • Biden says he would not recommend flights or subways • RamZPaul speaks out about the flu • NObama offers anger on day 100 • Leftwing appeasement with our enemies • Audio: Debate between NRA's Wayne LePierre and Governor Ed Renell on CBS • Harry Smith confirms the 90% figure is wrong • How many rounds is too many rounds? • Audio: AlfonZo Rachel interviewed by Rick of • The NObama entourage at the G20 summit • Audio: Dick Morris on making 'friends' of enemies

Part Two • Click HERE to download
Bookmarked items • 'Swine' flu must be renamed because it offends Jews and Muslims • Corrected global warming data withheld? • Dick Morris: NObama sows seads of demise • NObama approval index back down to a +2 • 100 days, 100 blunders • Newt Gingrich: NObama successes in 100 days • NObama's reorganization of GM stock • Tim Geithner is the rooster in the hen house • Jack Cafferty, liberal loony: Childish rant about Dick Cheney • HotAir: 58% think NObama endangered national security • $8.2 million in donations withheld until NObama is removed from the Commencement Ceremony • Talk hosts gather in San Diego • Flu pandemic prompts a round of golf for NObama • Illegal aliens having a rough time getting into college • Jimmy Z proposal: Illegal aliens can serve in the military to gain citizenship • McCain having trouble in Arizona bid for re-election

Show notes and linkage:
• Drudge Report HERE
• Biden says he won't fly or ride the subway HERE
• NObama angry on day 100 HERE
• RamZPaul on the flu HERE
• Debate on the second amendment on CBS HERE
• Rick's interview with AlfonZo Rachel HERE
• UpholdTraditionalValues HERE
• More ZoNation Youtube videos HERE
• NObama gets confused by the teleprompter HERE
• Dick Morris on NObama foreign policy blunders HERE
• Israel wants 'swine flu' name changed HERE
• Global warming data withheld HERE
• Dick Morris: NObama sows seeds of demise HERE
• Rasmussen presidential tracking poll HERE
• 100 days, 100 blunders HERE
• Newt Gingrich: 100 days of swift 'success' HERE
• NObama reorganizes GM & Geithner, the rooster in the hen house HERE
• Jack Cafferty's childish Dick Cheney tantrum HERE
• 58% believe NObama endangered national security HERE
• Catholics withhold donations to Notre Dame HERE
• The ThunderPig blog HERE
• Talk show hosts gather in San Diego HERE
• Possible flu pandemic sends NObama ... golfing HERE
• Contact info for Catholic Diocese in Ft. Wayne, Indiana HERE
• Illegal alien students have tough time getting into college HERE
• McCain in trouble in Arizona HERE

Note: The next show will be on Saturday, The Jimmy Z Weekend Show.
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