Wednesday, April 15, 2009


NObama's role in the rescue of Capt. Phillips
Pew Forum: Christians accepting homosexuality?

Each segment today runs approximately 45 minutes.

Part One • Click HERE to download
Opening sequence • Reviewing the rescue operation spin • Liberals claim NObama 'ordered' the Navy's rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips • News is most accurate following the breaking story • CNN's timeline report • 'Gave permission' vs. 'gave an order' • Pirates continue attacks; what will NObama do now? • Humor from RamZPaul: Message to the pirates • College students threatened with suspension for praying with a teacher • NObama, friend of Israel? • Notre Dame professor defends truth & life in light of the invitation to NObama • Episcopal President of Episcopal Divinity School calls abortion a 'blessing'

Part Two • Click HERE to download
'Blessing' of abortion continued • Pew Forum research study of faithJimmy Z with SonlitKnight: On people of faith accepting homosexuality (an analysis and review of the Pew Forum data) • Gov. Rick Perry's comments in full (distilled) • Our National Anthem

Show notes and linkage:
• The Village Voice spins NObama's role HERE
• The Huff'n Puff Post spins NObama's role HERE
• Gateway Pundit: The truth about NObama's role HERE
• US News dot com: The truth about NObama's role HERE
• RawStory: Limbaugh goes after Jonah Goldberg HERE
• Chinese ship saved from pirates by dolphins HERE
• RamZPaul to the pirates HERE
• Students disciplined for praying with teacher HERE
• Israel: We're not the 51st state HERE
• Courageous Notre Dame professor HERE
• New president of Episcopal Divinity School HERE
• Mainline Prostestants affirm homosexuality HERE
• Complete Pew Forum study data HERE

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