Thursday, April 9, 2009


Rick Warren backs down, says the
homosexual marriage issue unimportant

Black Congressional representatives
are kissing Castro's ass

Each segment today runs approximately 45 minutes.

Part One • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations • Comment compares dope smokers to the Colonial Congress, Rosa Parks • Rick Warren & homosexuality • Rant: Homosexuality is not akin to slavery and racism! • Rapture Ready Radio • Congressional Black Caucus kisses Castro's ass • A short history of Castro & Cuba • Audio: Laura Richardson, Bobby Rush & Barbara Lee • Calling Laura Richardson's office • Rant: The Congressional Black Caucus are Castro's tools

Part Two • Click HERE to download
Automated, computer generated prayers for $3.95 • RamZPaul interviews churches regarding computer praying • My digital, computer prayer • Audio: Youtube bit, automated prayer run amuck • Rush Limbaugh: The smallest minority on earth is THE INDIVIDUAL • Teacher calls Rush, she's teaching the concept of The Individual • Rush's brilliant mind • Audio: NObama and nuclear weapons • Congressman calls Pelosi 'crazy' • Michelle NObama, fashion queen • New GM-Segway 2 person vehicle • Biden says Cheney is dead wrong

Show notes and links:
• Bill Keller: Rick Warren and homosexual marriage HERE
• Rick Warren's video urging votes for Prop 8 HERE
• Rick Warren on Larry King HERE
• Transcript of Rick Warren's comments HERE
• Rapture Ready Radio HERE
• Short history of Castro & Cuba HERE
• Castro wants NObama to succeed HERE
• LA Times on CBC trip to Cuba HERE
• CBC members praise Castro HERE
• RamZPaul's computer prayer interviews HERE
• Pay for computer prayer site HERE
• Jimmy Z Youtube prayer video HERE
• Rush: The smallest minority on earth HERE
• Rush: Teacher calls in HERE
• Nobama on nuclear weapons HERE
• Congressman calls Pelosi 'crazy' HERE
• Michelle NObama can't sell magazines HERE
• GM-Segway vehicle HERE
• Biden says Cheney is dead-wrong HERE

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