Friday, January 8, 2010


Jack Cafferty rips Obama and Pelosi
Jimmy Z slams The Governator

Show No. 006-2010

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Opening • Audio: Jack Cafferty rips Obama and Pelosi on health care bill • Audio: Obama on transparency • Audio: Robert Gibbs won't talk about C-Span or open meetings or transparency • Audio: Gibbs talks about democrats who are not running for reelection • Obama campaign ads regarding health care: Hypocrisy exposed • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on RINOs in DC • Rant: Tea Parties, anarchists, and agreement • Audio clips: Arnold's State of the State • Education funding and higher education funding protected • State spending based on percentages (?) • Spending on caps and gowns vs. prison uniforms • Rant: Arnold's proposed Amendment to the State Constitution makes no sense • Privately run prison proposal • Arnold on health care reform • Rasmussen health care poll • Ben Nelson squirming in Nebraska • Nancy Pelosi takes a swipe at Obama campaign pledges • Reid, Pelosi and Obama pursue health care agreement behind closed doors •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Jack Cafferty rips Obama on failed openness pledge
YouTube: Robert Gibbs dodges questions about Obama's transparency pledge
YouTube: White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs talks about retiring democrats
Rush Limbaugh: How Washington RINOs see you
YouTube: Governor's State of the State address
Rasmussen: 2010 Arkansas Senate race and poll data
Life News: Ben Nelson calls health care bill a mistake
The Hill: Nelson's balancing act on Nebraska deal
The Politico: Pelosi takes a swipe at President Obama
LA Times Blogs: Reid, Pelosi ponder crafting health care behind closed doors

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