Tuesday, January 19, 2010


France accuses US of 'occupying' Haiti
House committee refuses to press Black Panthers
who intimidated voters in Philly

More on Tea Party profiteering and exploitation

Show No. 015-2010

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Opening • Rant: Tea Party movement & profiteers • Haiti & aid from the US • France accuses the US of occupying Haiti (!) • The Once Appealing Barack Obama • Laughing at Obama • A tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. • Ben Nelson goes out for a pizza • Drinking with Bob commentaries • Obama the Musical • Bob on Haiti • Dick Morris on what Brown's election means •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Finger pointing begins for the democrats • 10,000 illegals protest Sheriff Joe in Arizona • House Judiciary Committee refuses to press Black Panthers who intimidated voters • Rant: Looking the other way as Black Panthers intimidate American voters • Up Front & Honest: The imperfections of Scott Brown • Rant: Is Scott the guy we vote for? • Tea Party Profiteering: Jimmy Z Expose continues • Rant: If you donate your time to a 'for profit' event you're being had • Inside and behind the stories • Shelling out big money to hear Sarah Palin • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Scott Brown: The pluses & the minuses • Criticism of Palin over fee • Paying a 'delegate's' $549 admission • Rant: Sarah Palin preaching to the choir behind closed doors (?)

Show Notes • Linkage • Audio/Video
Haaetz: Riots and anger on the streets of Haiti
Telegraph: US accused of 'occupying' Haiti as troops flood in
Commentary Magazine: The once appealing Barack Obama
The Re-Founding Father: Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.
The Politico: Ben Nelson tries to repair damage at home
YouTube: Barack Obama the Musical (Drinking with Bob)
YouTube: Drinking with Bob's channel page
Dick Morris: Massachusetts is the game changer
The Politico: Finger pointing begins for democrat insiders
MSNBC: 10,000 protest sheriff's immigration efforts
Human Events: House Judiciary Committee rejects voters intimidation inquiry
YouTube: 'Security' patrols stationed at polling places in Philly
Wikipedia: Scott Brown
MSNBC: Tea Partying for profit?
SuperKev: On the backs of Tennessee's middle class
The Politico: Tea partiers shell out big bucks for Sarah Palin
National Tea Party Convention information page
Hotline Oncall: Palin's Tea Party now open to (some) press
Huffington Post: Tea Party Convention loses main sponsor


Amusing Bunni said...

No Worries, JZ I posted a comment on CBC.
We all say stuff that isn't so great sometimes,
just move on and I for one understand, no matter what it was. Now you have to write me and tell me what it was, cause I'm curious! God Bless.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...


Dude. It happens. No worries.

You still rock. Remember, we're mostly Conservatives, and we understand human foibles. You apologized and stepped-up to the plate like a man. That, right there, in and of itself, covers a lot of sins in my book. Accountability is a concept we get.

Long Live the Republic!

Robot said...

You didn't lose me. I've been known to utter the occasional obscenity myself.


badbear said...

hey what's blowin' off a little righteous anger once in awhile?

How ya been anyway? I took a couple weeks off work for Christmas and New Year's. The first day I totaled my car. The last night before returning to work, my wife fell down the stairs and I spent my first supposed day back at work at the Emergency Room. She's ok now, just twisted her back muscles.

Lots of craziness going on in the world right now. I just heard that Israel has a silent non-nuclear electric sub in the Persian Gulf ready for war. It's one of 3 they purchased from Germany with a contract for more. Probably at the U.S. taxpayer's expense. They're only a few million each, or maybe a billion each now with the dollar almost shot.
Obama is usurping the states' power by federalizing everything and making his own laws. This governor thing is scary. Are their meetings going to be broadcast on CNN like everything else he does(not)as promised? How in the world are we gonna fight this without another civil war?

I'm beginning to think this guy may really be the anti-christ. The Jews are getting ready to build the third temple and resume animal sacrifices. If Obama opposes the sacrifices, that will be the evidence for me. He's the one. He fills all the gaps like no one in history. If the tribulation has started and the Haitians will probably say it has, the "man of perdition" will be revealed around 2012, the same time the Jews expect their messiah and about every other culture thinks something is going to happen then.
Let's wait & see. May only be like the Y2K bug.
Some good advice...
As far as the rapture goes - plan for the post & pray for the pre.
Have a nice day.

Debra J.M. Smith said...



Randini said...

Its passion - we thank you for the hard work you do everyday.

US Web Talk Radio

For the record JimmyZ,
the GOP didnt win tonight with Mr.Brown, it was the peoples win in MA. GOP awake, the people has sent a cry out to do what is right & to our county.

Its a wake up call for both parties,which one will awake for the good of the people.