Saturday, January 16, 2010


Photo Caption Contest winner announced today!
Latest news on Coakley and Brown in Massachusetts
'Pants on the Ground' goes global

Show No. 013-2010

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Opening • Bloggers waiting for recognition on The Jimmy Z Show • Upcoming announcement of Caption Contest winner • Analysis: Michael Steele says the GOP can't win in 2010 • Reading: Dick Morris responds to Michael Steele • Is the democratic party ready to throw Coakley under the bus? • Wild poll shows Brown up by over 15% • 'Pants on the Ground' - full coverage • Larry sings on American Idol • Drinking with Bob commentary • Jimmy Fallon's Neil Young • SEIU members support Brown in MA? • Obama musical debuts in Germany

Show Notes • Linkage • Audio/Video
NY Times: GOP Chairman doubts Republicans can retake the House
The Hill: Steele backs off claim that GOP can't win back the House
Canada Free Press: Fire Michael Steele
Washington Post: A Republican tidal wave in 2010?
Dick Morris: Memo to Steele: GOP will win
Race 2008: Are the democrats preparing to throw Coakley under the bus?
Pajamas Media: Massachusetts shocker: Brown up 15%
YouTube: Pants on the Ground, American Idol
YouTube: Drinking with Bob, Pants on the Ground
Huffington Post: Jimmy Fallon's Neil Young, Pants on the Ground
Red Mass Group: Wow, purple shirted SEIU members supporting Scott Brown
Canadian Press: Musical about Obama's ascent to power set to open in Germany

2 comments: said...

Thank You JimmyZ for the kind words and endorsement. You are doing a fantastic job -

I appreciate the "shout out"- unlike our current Prez you "keep it real."

speaking of which; I have a new post up pondering the different reactions mr. Obama showed when Haiti suffered it's earthquake in comparison with his "shout out" to his supporters prior to announcing the terror attack on Ft Hood, as well as his Spock like reply to the attempted Christmas terror attack.

Highly unusual attitude shown by "our" Prez- isnt it?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I think "Shoot water into the clowns mouth and win a stuffed bear" caption should have won!!

But, who's asking me???