Wednesday, January 20, 2010


SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z: What does the election
mean to democrats nationwide?
Erroll Southers, TSA nominee, drops out

Show No. 016-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Celebration • Apology • SonlitKnight & Jimmy Z • Obama's Inauguration anniversary • How Scott Brown won • Referendum on Obama, Pelosi & Reid • Will democrats pass health care anyway? • Will democrats delay seating Brown? • Democrats campaign against 'villains' • Fewer democrats willing to vote for Obama's agenda • Will democrats challenge this election? • Liberals freak out at the Daily Kos • Rant: This is OUR country • White House press release •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Audio: Keith Olbermann loses it the day before the election • Conservative pundits react to victory • Errol Southers, appointee to head the TSA, pull out • Huff'n Puffington post spin and bitch about the election • Youtuber girl hates Sarah Palin • Barney Frank concedes that health care approach is no longer appropriate • Democrats ponder the future • Marco Rubio's comments regarding victory in Massachusetts • Audio: The Frank Luntz focus group • Audio: Scott Brown's victory speech •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
The Daily Kos Blog
YouTube: Keith Olbermann 'exposes' Scott Brown
Newsmax: Pundits voice amazement at Brown's shocking win
The Huffington Post front page
Huffington Post: Erroll Southers withdraws amid political 'agenda'
Huffington Post: Independents and democrat base still aligned in anger
YouTube: I hate you Sarah Palin!
Huffington Post: Coakley pollster defends campaign against White House
Huffington Post: Barney Frank concedes health care approach no longer appropriate
AP: Democrats seek back footing after epic
Facebook: Marco Rubio comments on US Senate Election
Fox News: Brown win forces democrats to re-evaluate health care reform game plan
YouTube: Frank Luntz focus group explains the election results
The GOP health care bill


badbear said...

Time to get rid of that Benedict Arnold, Glenn Beck. How many times do Americans have to be betrayed by the fake conservatives, Beck and O'Reilly?

Jz said...

Help me out - what has Beck done to earn the ire of so many? You're not the only one going off on Glenn.

Now, as to Bill O'Reilly, he has fancied himself a middle of the road guy for a long time. I haven't considered him to be a conservative at all.

So, tell me?

Bawney Frank said...

This ith reedicuwus. I wike Gwen Beck and beweive he ith a gweat patwiot and voice for amerwica.

badbear said...

OK JimZ,
How goes it?
My gripe...
The biggest thing and I brought it up awhile ago and wanted you to comment on it. I listened for a week & you didn't. Now if you have since then, I apologize. It's the pushing for a double tax to pay off this unlawful, illegal banker bailout that every American should be outraged over.
As taxpayers, we're already getting nailed for this payment that will probably take 200 years to pay off. That is if they stop here and don't stack up anymore false debt. Now O'Reilly & Beck want us to pay it off early with another tax.
This has come up today now... Beck is saying that Obama has "truthers" in the White House that may kill him. This is an absurd comment for anyone to make. It compares to when Michael Reagan called for the murder of a member of the Christian Patriot movement and said he would buy the bullets. Imus gets fired for nothing and Reagan threatens the life of an American citizen on the air and doesn't even get a slap on the wrist. Must be great to be a president's son.
Back to the "truther" comment...
The only person that came remotely close to being one was Van Jones because he signed a statement supporting an investigation. This is STILL America. People are entitled to their opinions whether you agree with them or not. I have to hold my tongue constantly because I'm surrounded by heathens that offend my Christianity regularly. But I will fight to defend their right to say whatever they want.
This was the greatest quality I always admired in you because you would listen to my rants even when I knew you disagreed. We could have a "gentlemen's quarrel" and still be friends. This is long, so that's about it. Hope you understand... Dave