Thursday, February 18, 2010


Rush Limbaugh: We don't need new documents
or contracts - we have what we need

Obama, Reid, Pelosi still trying to pass health care

Show No. 035-2010

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Opening • 'I Am Jimmy Z (Experimenta)' • Sarah Palin, political pundit or media watchdog? • Fox News: Influenced from Muslim investorRush: We don't need groups seeking their own fame, nor new documents or contracts • Audio: Limbaugh explains why America is great • Tea Party vs. Tea Party, proving Rush right • Infighting and squabbling will take down the movement •

Hour TWO • Click HERE
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Opening • Duke Lacrosse accuser arrested for all kinds of crap • Audio: Biden cuts down congress, says the stimulus is working-eh • Audio: Obama claims to have fixed the economy • Fox News page with Islam videos • LA Unified wants a $100 per parcel tax increase • Who is more conservative, McCain or Hayworth? • EMI to sell Abbey Road Studios • CA police detective suggests shooting gun rights advocates • Tiger Woods to have press conference tomorrow • School teacher likens the Bible to a 'hate crime' • Plane crash in Austin, TX • Audio: Michele Bachmann explains the shenanigans Obama, Pelosi and Reid are employing, still trying to pass health care • Local report: Lancaster to vote on sectarian prayers •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Canada Free Press: Who is influencing Fox News?
One News Now: 'Islamophobes' unwelcome at Fox News
Rush Limbaugh: Our Mission Statement: Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
Boward Palm Beach: Tea Party 'hijackers' from Coral Springs get face time with Michael Steele
Save Our Movement website
WRAL: Duke lacrosse accuser charged with attempted murder, arson
YouTube: Biden says 'Washington is broken'
YouTube: Part 1 of 2, Obama goes psycho, says stimulus saved the economy
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama and the Big Lie
Fox News: America's future
LA Times: LA Unified to seek $100 per parcel tax hike
American Thinker: McCain and Hayworth, Tale of the tape
Financial Times: EMI's long and winding road leads to Abbey Road sale sign
Fox News: Gun rights advocates target California detective
The Fox Nation: Teacher calls Bible a 'hate crime'
NY Times: Small plane crashes into IRS building
Facebook: Michele Bachmann says democrats will implement health care 'trick'
CBS2: Lancaster to vote for sectarian prayer

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Joanna said...

Love your commentary. But the intro and interlude "music" is little bit like fingernails scraping a blackboard. Eeeeeek. I guess I'm telling my (old) age. :)

Great job! Keep it up! I thought it was "just me" for awhile with the change in Fox News, but obviously others have noticed.