Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Lindsey Graham seeks to stop funding of
civilian court trials of terrorists

Audio from The Tea Party Convention:
Breitbart, Farah & McGlowan

Show No. 030-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Meghan McCain on The View • Who will attract younger voters to conservatism? • The McCain women will damage Sarah Palin • Voting for McCain over Obama in 2008 vs. voting against McCain in Arizona • Audio: The View whines about Palin's crib notes • Man arrested at a California mall for talking about God • Reading: Bill Keller on Obama and the National Prayer Breakfast • N.O.W. President throws a fit over Tebow Superbowl ad • Obama suffers new polling lows • Audio: Angela McGlowan in Nashville • Audio: Joseph Farah in Nashville •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Audio: Joseph Farah's jokedid • Audio: Andrew Breitbart on the liberal media • Audio: Guy from New York discusses various @$*?&*! news stories • The Barack Obama Sucks website • Senator Lindsey Graham's bill to cut funding of civilian terrorist trials • Audio: Jay Sekulow interview with Lindsey Graham • Audio: Dr. Carl Mumpower on third parties in America • Fox News report on the Florida Tea Party lawsuit • Audio: The House cheers raising the debt ceiling • Audio: Paul Ryan, a voice of reason in The House • Coming soon: Coverage of the kids show, Eco Company • The arrest of Sgt. Dyer and the militia movement's reaction

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Fox News: Meghan McCain blasts Tea Party movement, Palin on 'The View'
YouTube: Meghan McCain blasts Sarah Palin & Tea Party movement
WND: God talk banned at the mall
Live Prayer: National Prayer Breakfast held at the White House
LA Times: Tebow ad falls short of the hype
Hot Air: Obama approval hits new lows on economy, health care, deficit (Gallup)
YouTube: Angela McGlowan @ The National Tea Party Convention
YouTube: Joseph Farah @ The National Tea Party Convention
YouTube: Andrew Breitbart @ The National Tea Party Convention
Voice of America: US Senators push to block civilian terror trials
ACLJ interview with Lindsey Graham
Fox News: Conservative activists battle for control of 'Tea Party' name
First Read: Voting on debt ceiling & PAYGO
YouTube: Rep. Paul Ryan on 'proud moment' debt ceiling increase
News On 6: Ex Marine's arrest spurs serious threats
Veterans Today: Sgt. Dyer jailed for child rape

1 comment:

Debra J.M. Smith said...

Hi Jimmy,

I would like to make a note that I am in agreement with Ann and Tim about Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Though, I would not support John McCain again, I do not hold it against Sarah Palin that she is supporting him.

You left out my reason for my questioning your kind reaction to Ann and Tim's support of Sarah Palin, that it was in considering your adverse reaction to my support of Sarah Palin.

I am sure that you did not mean to leave my reason out, but I did not want your listeners to think that I am against Sarah Palin, when I support her. Nor would I want your listeners to think that I wanted you to attack Ann or Tim for anything, much less something that I am in total agreement with them over. My question was more as to why you did not show me the same respect on the topic, as you showed them.

God bless,