Tuesday, February 23, 2010


CPAC included and welcomed homosexual group
Obama White House accused of federal crime

Show No. 038-2010

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Opening • Rant: Tea Party infighting, leaders and
organizations • Conservative movement infected
with extremists and extremism • Getting
Republicans elected in November
• On
voting for the lesser of two evils • The current
state of the birth certificate issue • I believe Obama
will complete his 4 year term • Homosexual group
welcomed by CPAC
• Audio: Michele Bachmann
at CPAC • Audio: Krauthammer and Limbaugh on
Obama's debt reduction task force • Email: Fax
sending scheme from Grassfire • Impeachable offense?
Obama White House accused of federal crime
Northrup Grumman may leave CA for Virginia • Gov.
Schwarzenegger thinks he created 150,000 jobs with
stimulus money • Obama and democrats threaten to
use the reconciliation process for health care reform •
Don't miss the Betty Kilbride interview tomorrow •

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Mass Resistance: CPAC includes homosexual activist group this year
The Politico:Michele Bachmann: President Obama is intending to fail
YouTube: Krauthammer & Limbaugh explain the debt reduction task force
American Spectator: White House accused of federal crime in Specter, Bennet races
Gazzette.net: Northrup-Grumman mulls state pitch for headquarters
YouTube: Part 2, Gov. Schwarzenegger created 150,000 jobs
The Plum Line: If GOP fillibusters, we'll pass health care via reconciliation
Dick Morris: Final push for ObamaCare is coming


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