Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Obama pushes for out homosexuals in the military
Nancy Pelosi & family stealing from tax payers

Show No. 025-2010

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Sarah Palin's demand that Rahm Emanuel be fired • Homosexuals in the military • Men showering with homosexual men • Possible changes in the military for homosexuals • Audio: Obama on spending money • Obama knocks Vegas again • Harry Reid ticked off at Obama • Obama's pose while being introduced • There will be no replacement article at Reuters • Jokedid time - Political jokes via email • Obama hikes taxes $1.1 trillion • Audio: Rush Limbaugh on Obama's budget & the Reuters article pulled from the internet • Review: Obama says it's time government made tough choices •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Opening • Reviewing African Americans' comments about Obama • Unemployment rises in most metro areas • Update: Tea Party movement profiteering, information that debunks Huffington & TPM Muckraker pieces to come • GOP bowing to the Tea Party movement? • Nancy Pelosi and her family flying across the country on your dime

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
Politics Daily: Palin says Rahm Emanuel should be fired for 'retarded' remark
VOA News: Pentagon begins process to allow homosexuals into US military
Americans For Truth: Defense Sec. Gates endorses homosexuals in the military
YouTube: President Obama again knocks trips to Vegas
NY Post: Obama craps out on Vegas again
The Hill: Obama responds to Reid about Las Vegas remarks
YouTube: Pres. Obama's first State of the Union Address
CSMonitor: Obama to use backdoor taxes to hit middle class? Oops, not true
Fox News: Obama budget seeks $1.1 trillion in tax hikes
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's destructive budget
AP News: Unemployment rises in most metro areas
Paracom: Juicy dirt about the Tea Party Express
One News Now: A GOP bow to the Tea Party movement
American Thinker: Pelosi's monumental abuse of military aircraft privileges


ROBOT said...

How about letting active duty military members vote on whether they want queers serving with them.

If the vote is in favor of letting queers join, military members who joined while the ban was in place and don't want to serve alongside sexual degenerates should be able to leave the military with an honorable discharge.


Joe M. (a.k.a.AJ4QM) said...

I think the don't ask don't tell policy is appropriate for the military as it has absolutely no bearing on the mission of the military which is to protect and defend our country and its interests. I feel the same way about never having a military draft. I know many who have served and are currently serving and I know that they would not want someone who may not want to be there watching their back. This to me is just another smoke screen to distract the American people from the real important issues that face our country today. As with any good magician, they direct your attention with one hand, but its really the other hand you should be watching. Just my take, your mileage may vary.

Freedomlover said...

Hey JZ this is off topic but thought you and your listners might be interested. Google Domestic stability police force. It's paramilitary police that can function like the Army yet circumvent Posse Comatatis laws. Couple this with O's executive order giving interpol untrestricted police powers in the U.S and things get a bit scary.
Posted by The Freedomlover