Thursday, March 15, 2012


Former GM vice chair Bob Lutz defends Obama and the Chevy Volt
'No Surprise' Department: The true cost of Obamacare: $1.76T over 9 years
Reaction from Rush Limbaugh and Dick Morris
Show No. 051-2012

• Chuck's email comments on the Oklahoma City Bombing
• Billy Graham's speech at the Oklahoma City prayer service
• Former GM vice chair Bob Lutz attempts to defend the Chevy Volt

• Bob Lutz discusses electric vehicles and oil prices
• The true cost of Obamacare: $1.76T over 9 years
• Dick Morris and Rush Limbaugh react

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Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
• Hour One
How the UAW's new ownership stake in GM and Chrysler will defang the union. - Slate Magazine
American Rhetoric: Reverend Billy Graham - Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Prayer Service Address
Frank Beckmann Show | Bob Lutz interview | News/Talk 760 WJR
• Hour Two
CBO: Obamacare to cost $1.76 trillion over 10 yrs | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner
Obamacare’s costs: The hits just keep on coming | Kyle Wingfield
Oops! Obamacare’s Cost Has DOUBLED! Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert! at
CBO Analysis: 2014 is When the Obamacare Excrement Hits the Fan - The Rush Limbaugh Show

8 comments: said...

Obama Care will SKYROCKET even higher when all of the Third World comes over the Newt "Open Borders" to get "red Cards"

RINO's who support "guest Worker" programs are traitors.The idea is an uninformed, foolish hope to entice “hispanics” to become attracted to the Republican party.

Mexicans who are the majority of Spanish-speakers in the US. Republicanswill not convince amnesty-obsessed Mexicans to go conservative. Mexicans are culturally inclined toward big government and fit better with Democrats, despite all the silly talk of hispanics being “natural conservatives.”

Barbara said...

I grew up listening to Bob Lutz. He is quite old now - 80. As far as I know, he hasn't any union ties. Mr. Lutz has been in leadership as long as I can remember. The unions have had 'The Big Three' tied up every which way. It is like the teacher's unions and their final product - the pupil. They spend too much, and changes that should be obvious........well, the unions won't let it happen. It is a joke!
He is a Republican, and took quite a bit of flack for his anti global warming stance. Bob has his good side. He was also a Marine from way back. A pilot. I think he was angry about the whole 'Who Killed the Electric Car' controversy. It was a big deal, since so many people thought the GM EV1's were great. It was a big conspiracy theory - I think Bob Lutz took the whole thing personally. That might have sent them into the electric car follies again. He's worked for many car companies over the years, but ended his working days with GM.


Barbara said...

The unions were crazy. They would take turns striking one company after the other. It was so routine. Watching Detroit TV news with my father, I'm surprised my first words weren't STRIKE, STRIKE, STRIKE - with the corresponding outstretched arm and clenched fists (communists). Detroit was just that kind of place. It use to drive my father crazy. People like Bob Lutz were caught between the reality of a world of regulations, and rabid unions. His last statement "it is what they have to buy" is that reality. You can't just build what you have to tap dance between regulations and unions. Those executives were not free men building the cars they wanted to.

I wish Bob would let the Volt go. It is just one of those things. He feels he should defend it. I just wish this wasn't Bob's last effort - he had such an exceptional life. It was the union hell and government regulations that killed Detroit. It was a slow motion shame. The Volt has been their effort for quite a few years now - such a waste of time.

WJR is the station I get locally. Frank Beckmann was being nice to old Bob. Frank is not a bad guy either. It is Detroit - it was once a great city. Decades of Democratic Party control has destroyed the place. Now some Gov. Snyder have gotten into office. The cutbacks they have been making, make the Republicans look like meanies - but it has to be done. Boy, it's lightning like crazy here. I've unplugged my laptop. Thank goodness for batteries. Not the Volt battery though...

If you get the chance: Google - The Bob Lutz Exit Interview Youtube. It is a pretty good Popular Mechanics interview.

Jz said...

Whole lotta negativity there. Hispanics are predisposed to conservatism. We need to tap into that. said...

"Tap into" people whose culture is based on BREAKING the law? Entering our country ILLEGALLY? REFUSING to LEARN English? Taking $$$ and services and swearing allegiance /sending $$ Back to Mexico?

No "negativity" at all- just FACTS. Mexicans have NEVER voted GOP in the majority.

No ONE Hispandered more than Juan McCain- he got under 30% of the Mexican vote said...

"The poll revealed that Obama has much higher approval ratings among Hispanics than Romney or Gingrich, and that “When it comes to the November election, President Obama may receive the highest percentage of the Hispanic vote ever…”

Many Republicans think they can win elections nowadays just by supporting tax decreases. But, according to this document only 31% of Hispanics want to lower taxes! And, only 28% want to roll back Obamacare! And, 85% support the Dream Act."

Tap into THAT????

Jz said...

You changed the parameters of your argument. You said, earlier, "The idea is an uninformed, foolish hope to entice “hispanics” to become attracted to the Republican party."

Now you're talking about people who are here illegally. So which is it?

Jz said...

What poll?