Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Republicans attempts to reform the process of firing teachers
Big atheist rally in DC will celebrate the belief in nothing
California's economic disaster at the hands of liberals grows frightening
Show No. 050-2012

• The Stupid Report: CA's proposed sports venue 'ban list'
• Republicans attempts to reform the process of firing teachers
• The Obama Flag re-emerges at Democrat office in Florida
• Nike apologizes for the name of their new, ugly sneaker

• Sarah Palin offers her 'insight' into Obama's past
• Big atheist rally in DC will celebrate their belief in nothing
• Dick Morris on Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum
• California's economic disaster grows frightening

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• Hour One
Lindsay Lohan Hits Man With Car, Flees Scene « CBS Los Angeles
New Bill Seeks To Ban Violent Sports Fans From California Stadiums « CBS Los Angeles
California legislator proposes banning violent fans from pro sports games - San Jose Mercury News
Former Teacher Accused Of Exchanging Nude Photos With Girl, 13 « CBS Los Angeles
Sacramento Backs LAUSD Teacher Discipline Reform Plan | NBC Los Angeles
Miramonte Scandal: Mayor Villaraigosa Lobbies Gov. Brown To Make Firing Teachers Easier
LAUSD's Dance of the Lemons - Page 1 - News - Los Angeles - LA Weekly
CA GOP lawmakers call for quicker teacher firing following sex-abuse case |
THE JIMMY Z MONDAY SHOW™ - 10/12/09: American Flag with Obama's face
Not a photoshop! It's an American 'Obama' Flag - Atlas Shrugs
Facebook: Jimmy Z: Obama flag burning photoshop
Obama flag: Veterans protest; Flag called 'desecration' at Lake County Democratic HQ -
» Florida Veterans Demand Democrat Party Remove American Flag Altered With Obama’s Image
Vets angry Obama Flag replaced American Flag - YouTube
Nike Apologizes For Offensive 'Black And Tan' Sneaker (PHOTO, VIDEO)
• Hour Two
Joe The Plumber CNN Interview Gets Heated, Samuel Wurzelbacher Gay Comments Challenged (VIDEO)
Sarah Palin still thinking about a presidential bid? - Fox News Video - Fox News
LivePrayer: Prayer Requests and Miracles 24 hours a day! Prayer.
Live Prayer: Bill Keller: Atheists to March on Washington
‘We Are Stronger’: Atheists To Hold Massive Rally On National Mall Next Month « CBS DC
Population in the U.S. - Google Public Data Explorer
More Than 9 in 10 Americans Continue to Believe in God
It’s Time To Nominate Someone! Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert! at
Republican Delegate Count - Election 2012 -
Romney Failed To Close The Deal! Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert! at
No Truth To January Job Gains at
Exodus: California Tax Revenue Plunges by 22%
Boskin and Cogan: California's Greek Tragedy -

6 comments: said...

CA is the way it is because of people like NEWT

FAKE "conservatives" liek Newt and the late Jack Kemp SLANDERED Prop 187 and the Border Fence

Newt went so extreme as to call Pat Buchanan "David Duke" for proposing a border fence

M. Mason said...

One of our dogs is an American Black and Tan Coonhound. Some people call them 'Black and Tans' for short. Never knew the term was offensive! Now, a 'Black and Tan' BAYING at 5:00am - that is offensive.

Jz said...

I know. I know. Newt caused the air pollution and Newt caused the solar flares last week. Newt is the Devil. I know.

Brian(Robot) said...

That's one of the main reasons I have little use for Newt.

I think it was Kemp and Bennet along with Newt who had the DAMNED NERVE to tell Californians how we should deal with the illegal aliens in OUR state.


p.s., I'm not "a" robot, I'm THE Robot. said...

Thanks Brian(Robot)

It is all about FACTS

Newt was deeply opposed to Prop 187 AND a Border Fence

Jz said...

So you got your Ron Paul... Bzzt! No thanks. And you got your Mitt Romney... Bzzt! No thanks. So you're left with your Santorum and your Gingrich. Whatever his minuses, Newt is still the best we have, especially against Romney, and without question against Obama. Newt V Obama would be a delight to watch. But it hardly matters, he's not resonating with voters - not because of the immigration issue (read his website and I'm with Newt on immigration). People are voting against Gingrich because of what Romney did to him, spending $18 million in Florida alone to attack him personally. Oh well.