Friday, December 4, 2009


The house of cards that is Climate Change science
Security break down at the White House

Show No. 235-2009

Hour ONE • Click HERE to download
Opening • Salutations • On Tiger Woods • Prayer request for Nick • ClimateGate reports and analysis • Audio: Jon Stewart on the Daily Show • Rush Limbaugh cites continuously updated page of ClimateGate stories • Al Gore cancels $1,200 per person meet & greet • Motion Picture Academy members demand Al Gore's Oscar be taken back • The separation of politics and science • Audio: Obama on keeping politics out of science • On Keith's book and Christianity • Audio: Mark Levin with global warming quotes • Reading: Billions will be wiped out (with laugh track) • Barbara Boxer more worried about the hackers than the ClimateGate fraud • Rant: Barbara Boxer whining about the wrong thing • Sidebar: Can you imagine if the Tiger Woods story was the Sarah Palin family? • EPA may have smothered a report questioning global warming • Scientists write open letter to Congress •

Hour TWO • Click HERE to download
Audio: Barbara Boxer tells a General not to call her ma'am • Audio: Fox News panel discusses ClimateGate • Audio: Sen. Inhofe talks about global warming and announces an investigation • Ed Begley Jr. on scientific peer review • Security break down at the White House • Rush Limbaugh commentary regarding the Secret Service • White House prevents Social Secretary from testifying to Congress • Mr. Transparency strikes again • Audio: CBS News report on the Secret Service & those who did NOT testify • White House Press Sec. Gibbs confirms Desiree Rogers will not testify • Audio: Top Line on ABC discusses party crashers with The Politico • Topics coming up on a Jimmy Z Weekend Special, including Obama's job summit

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
YouTube: Jon Stewart talks 'Climategate'
Rush Limbaugh: It's not a consensus, it's a cabal
Climate Depot: Continuously updated 'Climategate' news round up
LA Times: Take back Al Gore's Oscar
Scotsman: Warming will 'wipe out billions'
The Hill: Boxer says hackers should face criminal probe Why did the EPA smother a report questioning global warming?
Climate Depot: Scientists write open letter to congress
YouTube: 'Climategate' is the best thing to happen to our economy
YouTube: Inhofe announces 'Climategate' investigation on Fox News
YouTube: The politics of peer review exposed with Ed Begley Jr.
Rush Limbaugh: White House Social Secretary will not testify
NY Times Blogs: White House blocks testimony on party crashers
YouTube: Secret Service in the hotseat
Talking Points Memo: Gibbs reacts to King's push to subpoena WH Social Secretary
YouTube: Top Line; Salahis & White House gatecrashers fallout

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Keith Katsikas said...

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