Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The global warming crowd struggles to
cling to their faith

Insight: Obama's speech at West Point

Show No. 233-2009

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Opening • You're A Mean One Mr. Bush - Jimmy Z (with lyrics by SonlitKnight) • Email from Monica • Jeff Beck vs. Glenn Beck • Audio: Glenn Beck on Maurice Clemmons • Rant: Huckabee, Clemmons and $15,000 bail • Monica on cowardice & someone not backing up their claim • Global warming and the United States of America • Eco nazis should be happy • Liberals have invested a decade in being 'green' • More on global warming, trashed data • Those who believe in climate change don't want to admit they've been had! • Eco-nazis argue that the planet's temperature should always remain the same • 'Some' scientists compared to 'some' Catholic priests • Audio clips: Obama's speech at West Point • Obama defends weeks of dithering • Obama on securing the United States • Audio: Clip from Star Trek, Spock on diplomacy • Obama talks about America's greatness (?) • Obama makes his case for unity when he sends troops to Afghanistan* • Reading: Dick Morris on Obama, his speech and the left who supported him

* I realized after the show was complete that Obama's plea for unity was pointed toward his supporters on the LEFT, who are not going to be happy at all with Obama for sending in 30,000 troops.

Show Notes
Dick Morris: Obama channels Bush
Photo of Obama carrying Obama magazine cover
YouTube: Glenn Beck on Maurice Clemmons
YouTube: Star Trek; The Mark of Gideon


Freedomlover said...

JZ I have tried to play this program since yesterday and tried again today.
Programs on either side play but this one never stops buffering.
You might want to check it out.

Jimmy Z said...

Try this can you? Copy the download link and open Windows Media Player. Click File, Open URL and paste the link in there. See if the file plays that way.