Friday, December 11, 2009


Comedy time with Climate Boy Al Gore
Planetary law? China's one-child policy

Show No. 241-2009

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Opening • Barack Obama stand up comedy • Crash video on KTLA 5 • Losers try to lie about who was driving • Accident in Los Angeles I was involved in • Email: Great insults in history • Al Gore comedy • The temperature of the interior of the earth • Al Gore reading his fabulous poetry • Music: Jimmy Z sings Al Gore's poem • Dick Morris on new mammogram policy • Reading: The REAL inconvenient truth

Show Notes • Links • Audio/Video
KTLA 5 Los Angeles: Drunk driving crash on the I-10
YouTube: Al Gore says earth's core temperature is 'several million degrees'
Hypertextbook: Temperature at the center of the Earth
YouTube: Al Gore reads his global warming poem to CNN reporter
Huffington Post: Al Gore's poem in full
Dick Morris: Mammogram decision could kill 11,500 women
Financial Post: The REAL inconvenient truth

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Imagine how many lives could be saved on our highways if our government would simply enforce our immigration laws.

Look closely at the passenger!